Sean Promised To Return

Last month Ubisoft released sports “snowy” game SHAUN WHITE SNOWBOARDING For PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP and PC. Powerful advertising campaign and duet of high-class developer and publisher, unfortunately, did not turn the project in the hit. Even to just a good game SHAUN WHITE SNOWBOARDING did not reach and was very cool accepted by the press. So, for example, the authoritative site GameSpot “awarded” the game is low estimate 5 out of 10. Terrible management and disgusting physical engine kill everything good that there is in this creation.

However, despite this, sales of the first game about Sean White (Shaun White), turned out to be very high. So, for example, only in the US in two weeks SHAUN WHITE SNOWBOARDING Divided by a circulation of 259,000 copies. Thus, the development costs have already paid off, and Ubisoft even managed to make a profit. What is curious, most of the whole sports simulator loved owners of the Nintendo Wii console – more than 40% (and 103,000) sold copies falls on this platform. What, however, is not surprising. The Wii game “feels” (especially with the Balance Board device) is best. For comparison, this version received on the same GameSpot website much higher rating in 7.5 points out of 10.

“Wii version is the most realistic and plausible for the simple reason that an amazing Balance Board device has been released for this console”, – said Sean White. And immediately added: “Do not underestimate the game for other platforms”. So, despite the fact that the project was not too successful in terms of quality, a high level of sales allows developers to start work on the continuation. On the fact that the sequel to be hinted by White himself. Ubisoft From comments abstained. But, as it seems to us, the official announcement SHAUN WHITE SNOWBOARDING 2 not far away.

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