Second Panoramic Trailer Snowrunner – Truck Grand Symulator

Focus Home And Saber interactive released a second survey trailer SnowRunner, where they spoke more about open locations, garages, customization and progress mechanics. If you missed the last video, look it here.

Peace SnowRunner Consists of three regions – Alaska, Michigan and Taimyr. Area of territories – over 30 square kilometers, which is more than three times more than in Mudrunner. Each card is filled with contracts, tasks and secrets.

The mission in the open world was created taking into account the peculiarities of the “sandbox” – they can be passed as you like and in any order. Contracts are diverse: somewhere you need to deliver heavy materials to the construction site, and somewhere – to conquer the danger.

To perform the task, you should choose and equip a suitable machine. In the in-game store there are many cars – from light intelligence transport to 10 wheel weights that will withstand any cargo. In the garage allow you to change the engine, as well as set the gearbox, suspension, tires and not only.
Buying Upgrades is not the only way to improve your fleet: studying the world, you can find hidden improvements and cars.

As severe off-road studies, you will also find new regions and interesting places – tows opening a map (climb on them, thank God, do not need!), refueling, garages and not only. To facilitate travel, it is allowed to build bridges and clear the road.

The most stubborn truckers get to “Edgeim”. Sometimes for the sake of a complex, but profitable contract, it will be necessary to ride in several cards – without thoughtful planning and preparation can not do. If you do not want to overcome tests alone, call up to three friends – supported network cooperative.

SnowRunner Domach to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One April 28.

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