Secrets of Da Vinci / The Forbidden Manuscript, The: Advice (Tips and tactics for playing)

In order to collect the portrait of Mona Lisa, you need to click the following squares

3 2 1
6 5 4
9 8 7
13 12 11 10
15 14

Then, if you cannot assemble a color picture, you need to do this: press the Windows key on your keyboard, exit to your desktop, then start the game again, And you already have a collected color Mona.

Here, by the way, it all depends on what scale of morality prevails for that and it can be changed. With a complete good copy next to Hector, you cannot put, and with a complete evil, on the contrary, the original. It’s the same with Babu, with an evil one he simply says goodbye, and with a good one he will ask a question. So it’s better to have average morale. With an average or more righteous morale after goodbye, she will ask if she can stop.
This is the only difference between the endings: 1- with Babu and the original, 2- with the original, 3- with Babu, 4- empty (except, of course, that in all 4 versions he takes the manuscript away).

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