Security Tips For Online Gaming Published by the Australian Cyber Security Centre

Online gaming has grown significantly in popularity over the last few years, but so have the risks of cyberattacks. To that end, you should be careful before you rush and play casino games online. The popularity of these games makes them the ideal target for cybercrime, particularly as it relates to financial data and personal data shared through online gaming sites. In order to stay safe, you should follow these security tips:


  1. Always use legitimate sites and software, and always keep them up to date
  2. Back up any important documents elsewhere just in case
  3. Do not open or communicate with unsolicited communique
  4. Change your passwords regularly and keep them safe

Always use Legitimate Sites

First and foremost, don’t use sites that are not secure. It is up to you to be safe on your end and to only use sites that are equally concerned with cyber security. You wouldn’t trust an online banking site if they didn’t use SSL encryption, so don’t trust an online gaming or casino site that doesn’t do the same; your personal and financial data get shared in both. Not only is it important to follow the security advice before playing for real money but you should check the casino reviews before playing. Game reviews about new game releases or eSport events can help you make sure the security of the games is high before you start playing online gaming.


When you play at Aussie gambling sites, you need to be aware that there are risks everywhere, no matter what your online activity might be. So, you need to do whatever you can to stay safe on your end. That means you should always have important information and documents backed up. Consider backing it up to a cloud-based service so it can be accessed anywhere, from a new and clean device, or to an SD Card that you pop out of your computer after each use. This can help you in the event that the device on which you are playing becomes compromised. You don’t want to accidentally get a virus or be attacked by cyber attackers only to realize your tax documents are on the device that was hacked.

Avoid Unwanted Communications

When you are starting with a new online gaming site, you should look for their customer service email address and any other email address through which account-related information might be communicated. Save those emails to your email account so that they are already flagged as safe. Anything else that looks similar, or comes from an account you don’t know or trust should be avoided. Do not respond to it. Worst case, if you get an email from what seems to be your gaming account, reach out to customer service directly to confirm that the company sent it before you open the email, let alone respond to it, or worst of all, click on something in it.

Change Your Passwords

When people started using the internet for everything from online email to online banking, there developed an increased need for more passwords-after all, every new site required a new password. Today, people might have over a dozen Australian websites that require a password, like an account for banking, an account for social media, an account for a business video service or document sharing platform, and so on.

Previously people were encouraged by security experts to change their passwords to something long and complicated, something that might include a number, a symbol, an uppercase letter, and a lowercase letter. So people following cybersecurity experts changed online gaming passwords to include all of these factors. But now experts are saying passwords should be changed to things that have absolutely no relation to one another; instead of JohnJacob1* experts want different strings of words with no relation like MarcoGingerHeadwound*sft1.

That said, there are still plenty of people out there who have stupidly simple and completely unsafe passwords for sites they don’t care about as much as a banking site like guest or 12345*. Don’t be that person. Change your password to something strong, and change it at regular intervals.

Overall, good security when you are enjoying online gaming requires you to be vigilant and not careless with the sites you visit, the accounts through which you communicate, and the passwords you use. Use only safe sites and do what you can on your end to cover your computer safety.

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