Sentinel / Descendants in Time: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

Tomb 35.
Climbing gradually to the very top, we examine the teleports – over some of them we notice signs and draw them beforehand (3 in total). We approach the remote control at the very top and activate it from the back with the left mouse button (by default). We type the sketched symbols (glyphs) on the panel – some teleports will open. We go to the one that is right in front of the console, on the same ‘floor’.

Location: Tregatt.
We go to the yellow elevator, go upstairs – we need to activate the flowers, and then they will independently activate the elevator on the tower.
The puzzle is moronic. Unfortunately, I don’t remember how I went through it exactly, but roughly the scheme is as follows: we move the tower 3 or 2 divisions up and to the right – we light in my opinion the most extreme right flower (it will start to light up slightly). Then we go to the division (or two down) and return the tower to the neutral (center) position, simultaneously lighting all the flowers on the right side (rays will appear between them).
Then we move the tower up – unfortunately I don’t remember how many divisions, and at first we turn it one step to the left – then to the right one or two divisions, and then to the left as much as possible – it should reach the topmost flower, then one step down and the tower beam after the adjustment takes out the rest of the flowers.
Alternatively, immediately after the right side has been lit, start turning on the lower left flowers, but in this case I could not light the upper left flower.
We approach the lift, there is a switch near the red light – we go up. Ahead of us is another stupidity: you need to light the bridge in blue – we approach the first stand (from left to right), pull the 8th lever, then on the second – the 3rd; at 3m – 6th; on the 4th – 4th. Then we turn off the 8th lever of the first stand. The bridge is ready – we pass it and approach the 3 flowers. Here everything is surprisingly simple and clear: first, we select the patterns on the flowers so that they match the drawings on the panels near the elevator, then set the length of the petals. We go down the elevator, take the crystal and leave this location. In the tombs we find the three times open portal and move.

Location Maru.
In the beginning, let’s run around, look around, look at all the dialogues with Sonya – Tamara – with such critical puzzles she should have been undressed a little more: at least some positive emotions from the game would appear.
Our task is to repeat the color schemes that show us satellites in musical performance on disgusting horns.
Red is the first (top-down) horn
green – 2
blue – 3
yellow – 4
white – 5
purple – 6

In which sequence you need to click to pick up is easy, for example, start counting after a pause – the satellites show up in my gray color.
In general, I got a selection of all the satellites guessing – I clicked on everything very quickly and that’s it. True, with the last satellite I had to tinker with the selection.
We take away the crystal, go back – in front of us awaits not a very pleasant problem with a labyrinth. As soon as the first remote control appears, which once opened to us access to these mechanisms, we close the wall of the labyrinth through it and scroll it 4 times. Then we go to the 2nd console and begin to drive the wall until the entrance to the satellites opens again, but this time through the same console. We pass through the entrance to the 3rd control panel – here you need to be very careful, since the 3rd control panel does not differ in any way in the construction of the walls from the one we used. Then everything is simple, calmly get out of here. In the tomb, we insert crystals into the apparatus in which we have already introduced the first glis.

Esca location:
We go to the location. First of all, we will deal with the bridge made of bones, there are three cranes.
1st crane: if we consider the beginning of the narrow end of the drawing on it, three divisions between the gap of the cross, then we put on the 7th stick, the 2nd crane – on the third division of the cross, the 3rd crane – on the first division of the cross. Push the lever the bridge is open. It is necessary to raise all the bridges, there are 3. There are 3,4,5 colors.

The alignment is
3 rope colors:
1 rose – orange – yellow
2 blue – red – orange
3 green – white – red
4 yellow – pink – white
5 orange-syn-rose
6 red – green – blue
7 white – yellow – green

4 colors:

In general, you will find 5 colors yourself, it’s not difficult.
Then you need to turn on all the sinks in turn. I suggest they can be cured by the notches on the stick. At the very first there will be nothing, and then ascending 1,2,3,4. After you turn on the last sink on the large shell, the fountain will fill and spin the wheel, a room will rise (you can see it at the bottom all the time, but you cannot enter) there will be a crystal. We take it and go to the tomb. We insert Christa on the remote control. Two more worlds will open.

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