Serious Sam 2: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

Here I will not talk about secrets, but I will explain to BEGINNER players in Sam small useful maneuvers that will help when passing the game (I myself went through all the difficulties except crazy).
I’ll break it down point by point:

1) MOVE constantly !!!!!! On the first two difficulties, you can run lazily, but starting with an average difficulty, you need to train your left thumb to hammer on the space … because it is necessary, otherwise they will immediately bite, shoot, spit and push to death. It must be remembered that large enemies (such as mechanoids) calculate your location and shoot quite accurately, we break off such enemies by jumping left and right and it is advisable to stay a kilometer away from them. With this maneuver, you need to be more careful on the technique … from the river jumping to the left-right, she has the bad habit of turning over and throws you out of her.

2) AROUND WITH THE WEAPON (explosive). The blast wave is quite extensive and can hit you at a fairly large distance. So if the enemy is a meter away from you it is better to hammer with a fraction, you will live.
On simple difficulties, it is quite possible to get by with narrows and distribute in long bursts, knowing that the enemy will fly one hundred percent into a salad “sapper’s mistake”, but starting with an average difficulty, you need to monitor the enemy and ESPECIALLY your health and choose a weapon for each case.

3) Get used to often press on F6 (quick save) … just do not overdo it … otherwise it happened that he seemed to kill everyone and pressed F6, and then a rocket from a recently dead mechanoid flies into (cut by the censor).

Well, that seems to be all a beginner needs to know in order to play normally on difficulties above easy. GOOD LUCK!!

If you have any questions, go to the soap.

The game has one trick: in the naal itself there is a basketball net, and there are balls nearby, so if you throw the ball into the basket, you will give extra points.

In the mission “Area 5100” at the beginning, near the green water there is a gate, but if you approach it, it will close to open it to the right of the gate there is a turret, a monster from the first sam sits in it, kill him and the gate will open, and behind them a car- shooter.

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