Serious Sam: The First Encounter: Tips And Tactics

New secrets.
“Valley of Kings”
1. Long all the statues from the beginning of the level.
2. When we see teleport, from where you jump on toads, we go on the door to the left. There is a place in which a small plate is lying. She will throw us up to the secret armor.
3. At the end of the level, do not rush to go on the bridge. We go to the right along the cliff, look upstairs. There you can see that swing stuck in the rock. We blame the rock of the rocket. But if you have completed the secret 1, then the rock itself collapses.
4. And now jokes. Need to jump on the flying swing so that they move us to the other side. Why jump on a swing when you can safely go through the bridge, you ask. I will answer: because if you go on the bridge, then he will collapse. You will fall into the water. But with swings, turn on the other side, and get to the secret level.

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