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Series Shantae There are almost 20 years, but during this time the light saw only five games about the female half. Fifth part Apple Wanted to make the exclusive of his service Arcade, but it turned out that the subscribers last year only got a fragment SHANTAE AND THE SEVEN SIRENS. The potential was already visible then, and later, after a few months, not only the owners of the “apple” technicians can try out the full version, but also possessals of PC and all current consoles.

Again for work

Experiment in the same way as in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, The authors did not – the novelty is not divided into levels, but is a metriculus, in which all locations are connected with each other. And the metriculum is this hostess, without significant innovation, made in the best traditions of the genre. From most rooms there are at least two outputs, the enemies will be blown everywhere, and in the early stages, once at a time they have stunned on obstacles, to overcome which is clearly needed some inaccessible yet.

In the plot of Sharant goes to relax on the island with uncle and friends, where it meets with the mayor, who organized a festival with the participation of the same half-nodes as the main heroine. We quickly find lost participants, after which the presentation begins, during which the searchlights are extinguished for a couple of seconds and the entire troupe, with the exception of Sharant, turns out to be kidnapped by some1. Mayor in panic, uncle asks Sharant not to enter this case and finally relax, but she can’t sit in a man.

The plot was never a strong side Shantae, And here nothing has changed. This is all the same simple, a cheerful adventure with cute characters and a strong humor, in which the fourth wall is repeated more than once, and they are joking. The long-standing fans of the series will meet familiar heroes (including nonsense risks of Buses), and beginners are not at all necessary to understand the universe to enjoy a pleasant gameplay.Shantae and The Seven Sirens Game ReviewIf Sharant and lock in the room with opponents, then only when it is first visited, and it is rare.
For eight hours, players have to explore both the island itself and the underwater world, separated into several regions. Each region has its own topic, so that the mechanics are used in them different. In one there are dozens of guns that are firing in different directions, if they climb into them, everything is flooded in them and there is nothing to swim there, there are nothing to do there, in the third, moving platforms come across. Puzzles meet, and even though they are simple, decide them not without interest.

Simply paired turnips

Difficulties in this game do not arise at all – neither in the open world, nor during battles with bosses. The first-aid kits fall out of the monsters constantly, and the vases, broken down by one blow, very often contain “hearts” and quickly heal the heroine. Due to the oversight of the aidhekk, you can ignore the attacks of even the most dangerous opponents, trying to apply the maximum damage at every opportunity and periodically peeping into the inventory. Perhaps the case in mobile roots SHANTAE AND THE SEVEN SIRENS – The game should be passing and for those who use a touch screen instead of gamepad.

Yes, and the currencies here are so much that all the necessary improvements can be purchased, not reaching the third location. Sharant still beat opponents with hair, and in local shops are sold to increase the speed and strength of the strikes, which are not so expensive. Other upgrades come across, including a reduction in the resulting damage, as well as additional means for violence with enemies, like self-dissolving missiles. All this helps to simplify the already easy game – if you want “Challenge”, it is better not to go to the store and fully ignore the first-aid kits.

But explore locations interesting thanks to their diversity and presence of secrets. There are hidden creatures that in any settlement can be exchanged for an increase in health, there are all sorts of chests and glowing vases containing a lot of currency. Fit hidden passages, which are also difficult to ignore. Part of the secrets are activated by dances that the character gets along the plot: electricity appears with one dance in the room, flowers blooms with another (and healed the heroine – as if ordinary first-aid kits are!).Shantae and The Seven Sirens Game ReviewIn Russian, the game, apparently, is translated only in Steam – neither PS4, nor on Switch there is no localization.

Advantages and disadvantages

Access to new regions of Sharant receives through transformation in other creatures. The girls saved by her give skills, allowing to turn into a frog for swimming under water, in a turtle with a spiked sheathy for the destruction of stone blocks and so on. Open a menu for this, as before, you do not need – all transformations occur instantly, when you press separate buttons. Therefore, control B SHANTAE AND THE SEVEN SIRENS Very convenient and never causes complaints.

It is impossible to say the same about the world map – only rooms and exits of them are indicated on it, and the collective items developers did not draw. Personally, I will never be clear why the creators of the metriculum do that. If you fell into the room where the “assembly” is increasing, but you don’t have the right skill, the game will not recall the missed facility. Spend all the locations at the end of the game in the hope of finding something not really want. And there is an appropriate function from authors – in one of the tasks the character asks to find six shells and marks them on the map.

Otherwise, the game will delight not only the fans of the series, but also fans of the genre. I especially liked the idea with randomly falling out of opponents with cards giving passive bonuses. If you’re lucky to get a stone golem card, then the amount of currency received will increase. A one-eyed sea resident can leave after an improvement with which the character will stop receiving damage when falling into the abyss. This is another type of collectible items that collect not so much for the sake of bonuses, how much to fill the entire table in the menu, and I would very much like to see something similar in other metriculosions.

Similar secrets are found in many rooms.
SHANTAE AND THE SEVEN SIRENS will give a couple of excellent evenings – cute characters, funny dialogs and interesting gameplay mechanics make a good metriculia game, even there are no significant innovations in it. But there is a suspicion that the existence of the mobile version forced the authors to make the game too simple, because of what the passage with the gamepad seems to be a lot of walk. Yes, and it is useless for most of the card a little spoils the impression – I want to collect everything, but at least some prompts could be given.

Pros: Wonderful visual style and cute characters;good humor;a variety of locations with their mechanics;An interesting system of cards, randomly falling out of opponents and giving bonuses;convenient transformations for which you do not need to open the menu;Dancing did not disappear anywhere and are still useful.

Minuses: Very low complexity;Card could be more useful.

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