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Germans Daedalic Entertainment Long already became the main studio supplying high-quality classic quests. Their new work, Silence, – This is a continuation of the sensational time The Whispered World, which came out in 2009 and immediately brought Daedalic Entertainment In the highest league. It was immensely beautiful, sad, very emotional and something even a philosophical game. Seven years later Silence causes no less strong emotions, although in many respects and does not look like the first part.The game simulates the variability, but really important decisions here.

Country of dreams

IN Silence We will meet again with a boy named Noah, but now it is not a sad clown s shift, but a 16-year-old teenager. IN The Whispered World He and his funny assistant, SPOT caterpillar, traveled to the silent world and tried not to give the villains to stop the time. In fact, it was a dream – Sadwick lay in a coma after the accident and thus struggled for his own life.

IN Silence He grew up, but again turned out to be locked in a silent world – this time together with the little sister Ren9. It happened after the bunker, where they hid from the airline, hit the bomb. Nova’s sister disappeared, and the boy goes to her searches to the country of his own dreams, which threatens a new danger. The fate of the silent world and his fantastic inhabitants turns out to be in the hands of brother and sisters.

Or is it no longer his sleep? IN Silence Attention switches to the baby Reni – it is necessary to make a decisive choice. And say that this is the choice between life and death, between fantasy and reality, it would be too speculative – in fact, everything is somewhat more complicated.

Reducing volumes

Another thing is that now we initially know about the necessity itself and the selection of this final choice, about what the heroes threatens stay in the silent world. And therefore B Silence Already there is no effect of surprise, which was in The Whispered World and produced such a strong impression at the end. Partly because of this and the plot looks somewhat simpler. There is no longer that philosophy, metaphor and symbolism – only hints on them and the actual subtext about children.Yes, girls can like this. By the way, the game, as you can see, have been turned on great and mighty ..
There is no same scale nor a lot of interesting characters. And those that are, for example, rebels, which in the silent world fight against some Queen Lies and are hiding from the monstrous faceless seekers, so by and large until the end and not disclosed.

But there was a moral choice. Periodically, we decide how to behave in the dialogues, is it worth disclosing all the cards or better silent, how to calm Reni, slip past the seekers or pour them out, and so on. But it practically does not affect any serious. Closer to the final there will be a more important dilemma, from which the fate of the rebels and our caterpillar-assistant depends, but you will not see any clear consequences of the decision.

Fashionable, youthful ..

Yes, in some moments, the scripts are clearly n1. But in fact, all this is fully fitted in the original desire Daedalic Entertainment (and they did not hide him from anyone!) make an adventure more compact, laconic, focused on the history, from which nothing should distract us for a long time.

ADVENVYRA was so turned out to be more easy, fashionable, youth and cinematic, with completely three-dimensional characters (two-dimensional backs, as in the first part, beautiful), with a large number of rollers, close-ups, nonlinearity and arcade elements.

Accordingly, everything is easier here, clearer and more affordable. “Pixelhanting” in Silence Some less, location occasions, too, the inventory disappeared at all, and together with him – and riddles on the bust of items, sewn to the narrative white threads and only distracting from the main plot. Logic in the remaining puzzles is more obvious, equipped with a very flexible, convenient system of prompts and illumination.

Many puzzles can be skipped at all, but the situations that test our reaction and agility, on the contrary, must be executed. We are trying to keep the cursor in the center of the circle so that the character does not lose the balance, try to catch a lot (so the name of sideways in the Russian version) Rope, flying from side to side, move heavy items while holding the mouse in the right direction. And closer to the final, even the elements of the arcade shoe simulator appear when we fly in the clouds.Well, how not to worry for such a brave crumb?

We think on Troykh

All in all, Silence Already the language does not turn to call the same classic quest as it was The Whispered World. Someone is grieved, someone, on the contrary, will please – the Germans often swore for the overabundance of mysteries and too bizarre logic.

But in any case, their new creation can not be called primitive or blame him in the absence of fiction. There are funny characters like sweet tech and interesting, unusual situations. For example, we are in the image of a drop (it can still take different forms) jump from the nostrils in the nostril of a huge dragon, and in the role of Nov. Mastered the staircase from live snakes or reanimate the pretty leadership of the rebels, using the Queen’s tentacle defibrillator.

In some situations, still you have to confirm the gray substance, and if you wish, you can turn off all the prompts and backlight. In addition, it is initially forced to switch between several characters, which makes it even simple seemingly tasks more diverse. For example, to get to the port and sail to a meeting with the Queen of Lie, we have to switch between a drop, noah and rhenium, solving a bunch of tasks: At first, our assistant runs away from Lumi, then Reni is chasing them, and at this time her brother is trying to danceHarmful girls who do not open the gate to him, but those just needed Lumi, and for this they need to somehow pass through the broken drain pipe ..

Girl decides

In place and corporate humor. Here you can meet flying crabs, make a moss and listen to how funny are melted and sing songs our old friends – talking rock brothers Ralph and Ungo: “I first in life I want to have hands. – to show where it is left, and where the right? – No to strange you. – Meet, I have no throat “.Arcade inserts look quite organic.
It is a pity that sometimes the feeling of measure and taste changes the authors and they allow too toilet humor (“Want, I skipping you a song?”,” Welcome to my subconscious, which means we are waiting for the perder of extra-class!”) Or force children to experience frankly narcotic visions. It would be more appropriate in such a more hooligan and disassembled game as Deponia, and then only destroys the atmosphere.

But everything is redeemed. This is so touching, funny and funny girl, that she alone on his little shoulders pulls out and pulls all the fact that the scriptwriters have not expanded. Urgently want to hug it, protect and calm. Although Reni and herself can stand up for themselves – may come to a little monster and shout: “You are looking for someone? And let’s look for it in that lava?»Reni is funny and serious, fertile and bold. She hugs with a drop, demanding a fairy tale, fun running with Lumi under his arm, and then cutely commanded adults or the brave saves them from seekers.

It feels that in this image the authors have invested a lot of heat and emotions. Because the final gravity choice and its consequences and cause so strong feelings – in something even stronger than in The Whispered World.“I want elephant, clown, circus and a fairy tale at night!”***
Of course, the Germans that The Whispered World, what in Silence Bread below the belt – make you play for children who were on the verge of death. But they speculate on this topic, must be recognized, very talented, and even with humor, fantasy and spiritual warmth. Silence It turned out to be an adventure more modern, concise and affordable: the authors clearly tried to find the right balance between the classic quest mechanics and relevant trends. What they succeeded in something. But in the main game did not change – it is simultaneously sad and bright, funny and serious fairy tale about a difficult choice between harsh reality and fantasy, between life and death. It has funny characters, nontrivial situations and riddles and one very touching girl, whose fate is simply impossible to stay indifferent – especially if you have about the same daughter or younger sister.

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