Sims editor for sims-designers

Sims editor for sims-designers
Electronic Arts Announced the exit in the near July THE SIMS 3 CREATE-A-PATTERN TOOL, Editor, with which users of a popular life simulator can create their own home furniture and clothing, furnished rooms and apartments for every taste and put out other design experiments. Unless amateur designers are users of the legal version The Sims 3, They will then get the opportunity to exchange their creativity on the official website of the game with other colleagues. Pirates, alas, will be able to share the fruits of their designer talents, except with the Roma barrel under the screams “Piastr-Rdition, Piastr-Rdition!┬╗Beloved Cockada.

Available THE SIMS 3 CREATE-A-PATTERN TOOL will be all and everyone, and for free. Drain from dust your creative, you will need it.

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