Six Things You Need To Know About Outrides – Studio People Can Fly Talks About His New Shooter

On E3 2019 Square Enix arranged premiere Outriders – the new shooter from People Can Fly. The gameplay was not shown, therefore, it is necessary to rely only on oral retells. One of them is the movie “Six Things You need to know about Outriders After the announcement trailer, “which the developers themselves recorded.

• People Can Fly She worked Gears of War: Judgment And Bulletstorm, and also participated in the creation Fortnite. The studio claims that shooters are an integral part, and on Outriders One way or another will affect all previous game team games. Now People Can Fly divided into four divisions – in Poland, Great Britain and the United States – and a total of more than 200 employees. Outriders It will reflect “Spot and ambitions” People Can Fly.

• Outrider for whom we have to play, follows the signal through a special device – it was shown in the trailer. The signal will become an important part of the game.

• Place of action – Planet Enoch. It will be a gloomy world, full of despair. Colonization of the planet went not according to plan. Areas of the first city – a symbol of a harsh, broken future. “Forget about lasers and sparkling metals – here scientific fiction is cold and cruel”, – Broadcast People Can Fly.

• The trailer demonstrates three characters, but players will be able to create their own outrider.

• Planet ENOH is full of aggressive creatures, but as a local fauna affects the game, tell later.

• The cooperative is designed for three people and is designed so that a friend can join you at any time. People Can Fly assures that Outriders boasts a strong plot – they can be enjoyed both with two buddies and al1.

More details about Outriders Will voiced in winter. Release is scheduled for summer 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1.

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