Fable 2 plot will be 12 hours of play

Fable 2 plot will be 12 hours of play
Joystiq.Com With reference to information elongated from employees Lionhead, reported on the duration of the main quest in Fable 2. The main storyline can be passed in 12 hours of continuous game. Sounds somehow not impressive. It seems that Fable 2 was made with a bias on third-party quests and the study of the world, and not on the main storyline. This fact was marked Peter Muline PETER MOLYNEUX) on E3.

As a result, it turns out that the number of hours spent in the game will depend on the player itself, he can pass the main quest for 12 hours and no longer play, and can explore the whole world and buy every house on sale in it, and also go a bunch of sideQuests.

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