Skellboy: Video Game Overview

Sometimes games appear, instantly causing attention to their visual style. Far behind examples do not need to go – one trailer THE LAST NIGHT It was enough to make a huge number of people in the project, not knowing about the plot, nor about the gameplay. Skellboy also refers to similar games, although it knows about it, of course, much less people. Pass by this strange vocal world with flat characters and objects difficult.

Lord of Kostya

In the Kingdom of Kuba Bed – through his butler, the king transmits a message in which he reports the atrocities of the court wizard of Skovaman (this is not the only reference to the “Lord of the Rings”). Due to the fact that he could not go on a date with the princess, he was angry and decided to call on monsters and the lives of the dead. Our task is to save the kingdom from complete destruction, overcome all opponents and to divide with a skiarman, until he has done trouble.

For the sake of history Skellboy exactly not worth it – she itself is not the most interesting, and the dialogues with the characters read in the literal sense hurt. Banal phrases, unstable jokes, lack of humor in moments when he seems to not hurt, – there is nothing to offer a game in terms of narration. You might think that it happened because of the great stop on the gameplay, but a lot of questions arises to it.

Skellboy represents role-playing action – you travel around locations, fight and collect equipment. In similar games, the inventory is filled with helmets and bibs, and here everything is just the same, but there is one important difference – the main character is looking for not clothes and armor, and parts of the body. Being a skeleton, he can easily change one torso to another or put a new head instead of an old skull.

The idea is definitely funny, but on this its originality ends. I am glad that new parts of the body are displayed on the character (usually developers are trying not to spend resources for it), that’s just nothing unusual among things. The attack force increases or decreases, the torso can give two additional “lives”, shoes or change the speed of movement, or increase the stability of the hero during the attack (getting damage, it flies a little back), or affect something minor.Skellboy game reviewThe king with difficulty is experiencing happening with his possessions.
There are truly rave moments like rooms in which monsters fall from the ceiling, replacing your head as you. It is necessary to suffer with inverted control and seek to look for a normal body to “change clothes” and defeat these “hedcrabs”. But such episodes are very, very little – often Skellboy Trying to laugh you with a wig of a princess, in which for those around you become a charming girl, or weapon in the form of a French baguette, scattering at every blow.

Skin and bones

Otherwise, this action is hardly standing out on the background of others. The combat system, for example, is primitive to bunda – although there are more and more types of weapons from the character with time, you use the same. I can throw a spear, but there is no auto drive, but it is necessary to do it with a fixed camera problematic. The sword is also not the best option – to play trite it is boring. But with a big mace more interesting, especially when you hold the button to charge the blow, and from the first time we ruin the pack of opponents.

But there is no depth in the local fights, so they are bored almost instantly. In addition, no currency is not necessary here, and fall out of enemies can except new details. If you killed the same zombies for the same zombies and got a head and legs from them, in the future they will not be able to offer something new, so you can run by. But the fights with bosses turned out to be quite good – they are moderately complex, forced with the mind to approach battles, to push out successful moments for impact and control the environment that fills with all sorts of trap.

Everything else praise it happens with difficulty. Fixed camera is sometimes very uncomfortable, especially if you need to jump from one platform to another. In locations, it’s not so difficult to get confused, but there are no signs – if inattentively read the last dialogue, get ready to contact the passage. And it somehow was already laid out on the Internet to the release of the game, as if the developers themselves wrote.Skellboy game reviewNot bad bosses – one of the few dignity of the game.
Plus due to lack of a map sometimes you skip the save point. Once I lost about 15 minutes, because by a random coincidence turned into the necessary (“story”) side several times in a row. The feeling that no one was tested by the game – only her creators themselves, who know perfectly, where and what they put.

Bad but not terrible

Another drawback is associated with the pace of narration. In the second half of the game Skellboy Changes and even approaches the evaluation of “commendable”: you get access to the teleport transferring to the storage points, as well as to all the parts of the body previously found with the missed parts. To explore the world becomes a little more exciting, and the side tasks are found for which weapons, armor and even useful skills, including the opportunity to create hats, bringing the needy materials.

And here is the first half – longing and despondency. Go on linear locations to the music that begins to put on the brains of monotony, lazily go with boring enemies, collect trash and read banal dialogues – if not a review, I would very quickly break up with the game. She just has nothing to be inhabitant – only the visual style saves the position. Even the main distinctive feature (changing parts of the body) is not realized due to the fact that things have no special skills, for which it would be worth changing the wardrobe. Why did the boss fell out of the boss, ignifying the land under the legs, if I get damage myself from the fire? It is better to leave the accelerating shoes found at the very beginning, and then the hero and so terrible slow.

Saddened and bad performance on the Switch, from which the head begins at some point. Personnel frequency falls on any occasion – you can walk along the corridor, how suddenly the game will hang for a second, and you teleport for a couple of meters forward. Especially “fun” encounter such shortcomings during battles with opponents or boss and lose health that the character has and so not so much. The benefit of the first-aid kits are quite common, and too many problems do not cause.

With such a combat system, it is difficult to bother.
Skellboy attracts appearance, but no longer boasts anything else. As an action it is very weak, because we do not like to use weapons, and the tactic against many enemies is the same. As a role-playing game, it is also not too successful – to change parts of the body at first funny, but soon you understand that there is nothing special in this system. A few hours after the start, the game becomes slightly more fascinating, but it will be not easy to twit until this point.

Pros: original visual style;Merry battles with bosses;The second half of the game is more interesting first.

Minuses: twisting first half;the absence of at least some pointers and hints for the next step;primitive battles with ordinary enemies;The role-playing system seems non-standard, but actually very simple and banal;annoying soundtrack;Bad Optimization on Switch.

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