Screenshots and Working Materials from S.T.BUT.L.TO.E.R. 2

Screenshots and Working Materials from S.T.BUT.L.TO.E.R. 2
Yes, FROM.T.BUT.L.TO.E.R. 2 We probably will never see. But the team GSC Game World Actively worked on the sequel of postpocalyptic hits. On the eve of the network populated a whole pack of screenshots, illustrations and other working materials from the deceased game.

Nakhodka published users of the Reddit Forum with reference to the fan community in VKontakte. Snapshots started in the portfolio of two developers – Nikolai Gatilova (now works in East Games above Survarium) And Sergey Ivanchenko (now the artist in Yubisoft Ukraine).

Probably screenshots made in 2011, shortly before the cancellation FROM.T.BUT.L.TO.E.R. 2 and first closure GSC Game World. We remind you that the studio has not been reborn so long ago and is going to release a strategy “Cossacks 3”.

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