Sky Download Number: Children Of The Light Almost Doubled In Less Than A Month

Recently agreed free mobile adventure SKY: Children of the Light from authors Journey And Flower Furnished year. On the eve of the holiday studio THATGAMECOMPANY reported 20 million downloads of the game, and after only three weeks, their number exceeded 35 million.

In addition, the developers released the first collection of music from Sky, which is already possible

  • Lighting the Way
  • Calling Across
  • The Waters Above
  • Manta
  • A Portentous Walk
  • Waltzing in the Rain
  • The Invention
  • Faded Glories
  • Somersault
  • Diving In
  • Shall We Play
  • Two Heroes
  • An invitation
  • Knowledge
  • For Those Who Have Come Before
  • An Upwards Dance
  • The Story Thus Far
  • The Deep
  • The Current
  • Exhale
  • Flight
  • THE CLOUD MESSENGER (Launch Edition)
  • THE LIGHT BEYOND (Launch Edition)
  • Credits (Launch Edition)
  • Composer put a hand to the soundtrack Vincent Diamantte (VINCENT DIAMANTE), which was previously engaged in audio-formation Flower. Music performed by the Macedonian Symphony Orchestra Fame’s, consisting of 47 people. Among the tools – both traditional orchestral and ethnic brass.

    Finally, THATGAMECOMPANY confirmed that invited to record vocals Norwegian singer Aurora. Developers want to include her songs in the following releases of the soundtrack Sky.

    The game is available on iOS and Android, and the Nintendo Switch will get closer towards the end of summer.

    Sky Music Fans, Your Time Has Come! ????

    From The Peaceful Lulls of Isle Of Dawn to the Dramatic Highs of Vault of Knowledge – Experience The Emotional Story Arc of Sky with the #thatskyGame Soundtrack by @vincentdiamante.

    ????➡️ https: // t.CO / ULP3PB4WCA / xaexdqkpp3

    – thatgamecompany (@thatgamecompany) july 31, 2020

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