Sniper Elite: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

It is best to walk with a PPSh (MP-40, etc.), and leave the sniper rifle behind your back, because by magically pressing the space bar you automatically get into the sniper’s scope … Do not forget about tactics and disguise, because you are a sniper

“The rifle is your best friend and the rock is your best friend” is the first and most valuable piece of advice, the rock is really something that never ends, always with you, and resembles a baited hook. You can throw a stone far enough, but if you climb higher, you can throw it a hundred meters. So, using the example of the first training combat mission, I will explain what’s what. Move towards the indicated goal, on the way on the map you will see two red Xs – this position is held by the enemy, move towards them, the road leads to them, there will be a dilapidated building with two floors on the left, with a staircase, we climb to the second floor, take a position, and destroy first goal. Then we switch to the shooting position while sitting, in another way, most often the stone is not thrown, press “I” a list of inventory appears, use the arrows to scroll through the list until the stone appears, then select it using the X key, then press the left mouse button and select the desired range throw, after which still holding the left mouse button, click on the right one and make a throw. Do not release the left button, otherwise you will go into sniper shooting mode.

Having thrown a stone, we go to the prone position, and wait until the enemy arrives on a platter with a golden border, because you need to check, everything is clear or not. One shot one kill. A stone should always be used, no need to crawl around looking for a suitable position for shooting, it is enough to throw a stone and the enemy will go to the noise, after which it is up to you and your girlfriend.

Next, move along the corridor of the destroyed building, and search the corpse in the room, on the other side of the house, it is just as easy to shoot the tank, hitting the gas tank cover. There are two tanks.

You can throw more than stones. For example, you see a rather large group of enemy, so as not to fool your head, and show miracles of shooting at moving targets, throw dynamite, like a stone, when enough enemy units gather around it, shoot at it, and blow up several fighters at once. If several people are sitting nearby, try to hit the belt with grenades, they will detonate too. Throw dynamite closer to the tank tracks, or leave it on the road where it will soon pass, and then blow up the tank with one shot.

Move either with a silent weapon, a pistol with a silencer, or with a submachine gun, you can switch to sniper shooting mode by simply pressing the right mouse button.

At the beginning of any mission, be sure to turn on the binoculars (key “B”) and inspect the roofs of the proposed area of ​​”work”. You are not the only owner of an optical rifle! When an enemy sniper notices a hero, he makes a shot and hides, in this case it will be much more difficult to detect him. In one of the missions, three snipers will be visible from the starting position at once! Moving forward into an open space, it is again worth looking around. Snipers can be located: on the roofs of houses, arches and other high places; in dilapidated buildings; in the windows of houses; behind ground shelters.
As a rule, if you have not been noticed yet, then it is not difficult to spot an enemy sniper.

Sometimes it is more useful not to kill enemies, but to injure – this is a real tactic of snipers in life. The wounded soldier, dreading the surroundings with heart-rending screams, will awaken a feeling of pity in his comrades-in-arms, who will rush to save their comrade even under bullets. In common people, this method is called “fishing with live bait”.

Mission with motorcyclists (three couriers). I have personally tried this mission thirty times, and only one attempt has been successful. You need to act like this: we quickly run to the blown up car near the destroyed house and lay down, shoot all the soldiers leaving (patrol), approach the arch with the PPSh and deal with a new portion of the adversaries, and then, after passing the second arch, we destroy the third motorcyclist, then we go back and we remove the officer – everything, the task is completed.

Mission “Rescue the Agent. French Cathedral”. I am sure that shooting from the tower of the cathedral is a rather difficult thing. Moreover, the sniper is “interfered”. I tried the following option:
-“laid down” two patrolmen (around the cathedral) and a machine gunner in a bunker;
– climbed the stairs to the first platform, where he took the cartridges, bandages (you can “put” one or two guards on the stairs. If the alarm “works” – it doesn’t matter, it’s even better);
– run down to the ruins on the other side of the square and take a position there.
Yes, one more !!! Before going up the stairs, I recommend placing a couple of guy wires in the aisles between buildings, but not in the path of the truck. One is enough there.

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