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I’ve spent a decent amount of time in the game since the last update. I can note the following:

  • in Game the development system has changed dramatically. Instead of filling progress bars, in the second stage, now there are points of code and art.
  • errors are now generated endlessly during the support phase.
  • during the development phase, you can order various marketing services, for example, a press release
  • a review system for product quality control appeared 
  • ability to print games
  • couriers 
  • reviews that appear after a product release, or after a press release or beta build
  • the digital distribution system has changed. Now, until 2000, it is not popular, but later, it can replace physical copies entirely.

Part 1. Preparation

  • we create a product, set a value that does not exceed the market value (compare with the price of this type of product).
  • you need to make sure that the team is suitable for the development requirements (number of designers, artists, programmers, etc.).
  • it is important to develop a product line (for example, 3d editors. You can do this by selecting the previous one released by you, a product of this type through Select original in the development window)
  • it is desirable to select a server for the CCK.
  • check the server bandwidth, it will be heavily loaded by support / marketing / digital distribution (distribution). 
  • do not forget to assign their roles to the staff, since the right roles will significantly speed up development, and the wrong ones will greatly slow down. I do not recommend using a role – Any role.

Part 2. Development

  • we start development. The first stage is trivial and does not require manual efforts, standard filling of the progress bar. 
  • after getting the value “excellent” we pass to the second stage. And it is better not to delay, otherwise we will lose quality due to processing.
  • we estimate the complexity of the work, click Advertising> Announce a release date> choose a date, but not too late, but not too early (for example, having $ 1 billion, a cool, pumped team of 64 people, a server with a capacity of 314 Gb / s, when developing an OS with all the features, I set 4 years, which was enough for me to develop within a month. Over time, you intuitively you will evaluate the complexity, you just need to start). The choice of the date will primarily limit your development time, which makes the game more interesting and realistic. 
    At this stage, code points, art (content), and reviews are waiting for us. So, first things first: 
    1) code points – number of code written by programmers. 
    2) content points – artists are responsible for them. 
    3) reviews – are needed to assess the quality of the product. It is by them that we are guided when we need to move to the next stage. Do not forget to order them more often (well, or when we can).
  • waiting for green emoticons in all categories (not necessarily laughing, you can smile, with rare yellow), go to the next stage. 
  • this is where the debug starts. At first, the number will actively grow, but then it will start to rise slowly. 
  • (optional) at this stage we must print a sufficient, in your opinion, quantity of the product. For this we need a room with pallets and printers. 
  • (not necessary if you missed the point above) do not forget about hiring couriers to take out printed products from the warehouse to stores! 
  • after that we start planning the advertisement. It is important not to overdo it with waiting, there should be several months before the release (2-3).
  • after we have decided on the month to start the promotion, we are waiting for it. 
  • at the time of the desired month we launch Press release (Advertising> Press release> select parameters), of course, it is best to set all the parameters, but if you have a limited budget – optional. As soon as the team finishes writing the press release (progress bar turns green), you must press the button immediately Release. Then, immediately, release Demo version 
  • by the next month your number. followers will increase significantly! 
  • it remains to save it as an option Hype (Advertising> Shumikha). I recommend putting it at the stages of writing code and creating content, so as not to forget later.. 
  • everything is ready for release, we are waiting for the month indicated in the Release Date (you can check it by clicking on i in the project progress bar, that is, on the panel on the right)
  • our month has come, we release a product!

Part 3. Sales and distribution (distribution)

  • after the release, we will be offered to start marketing, we agree. We allocate a budget for him (for example, I allocated $ 2.5-5 million, less often – 10)depending on your
  • then we are immediately offered BUY product in stock, for subsequent sale. We buy, if there are no printed ones, or, if desired, in stock. 
  • then sales, marketing and support begin. 
  • support is needed to fix product bugs, it cannot be canceled if an active audience is needed! 
  • we observe competitors and, if possible, buy new products similar to ours, at the stage of their appearance on the market, since they are not popular and cost little
  • we buy or print copies (in the window of your products by selecting the product and the option below), if they run out, but on condition that the product brings a stable profit.


As a result, we have constant increase in money, the main thing is not to forget to issue continuation rulers (Select original button) with new possibilities.

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