SOMA Review: a 5 tips and a little about the plot of the game


SOMA is a survival horror computer game developed by the Swedish studio Frictional Games, which was released on September 22, 2015. These developers have been serving as the main experts in “brick structures” for the gaming community for eight years. Almost every respectable gamer who likes to tickle his nerves has heard about the studio’s previous games, such games as Penumbra and Amnesia. We remember them as projects deeply atmospheric, unique and terribly scary.

It should be noted that Frictional Games became the founders of a whole subgenre tied to interaction with the environment, that is, all the doors must be opened by their own efforts, the valves must be rotated with mouse movements, and not just pressing one single button and watching the main character perform with speed and grace this or that operation.

Actually about the game – the action of the game develops in a research center, where something unusual happens, namely the machines suddenly acquire a mind with all the ensuing unpleasant consequences. The entire gameplay will focus on the survival of the protagonist. There are no weapons in the game, and all difficulties will have to be overcome with the help of your ingenuity and ingenuity. Whether the game managed to shoot and how it differs from previous studio projects – you can find out from our review.

The game’s plot begins from afar. The main character is Simon Jarrett, who got into a car accident and received a serious brain injury in it, who later kills him, wakes up in his cozy modern apartment and then goes to the doctor to scan his brain. In the first minutes of the game, you can already plunge into all this everyday atmosphere. Talking on the phone, taking the subway, walking along the corridors of the hospital, a few primitive scenes – the player has a sense of presence. Further events are even more intriguing, since in a few minutes, instead of a research center, with a smiling doctor, Simon finds himself in an abandoned laboratory of some underwater scientific base. It soon turns out that the base has the name “PAPHOS-2”. And the affairs there are very regrettable. The main character is trying to understand what really happened to him and how he can get out of this situation, all this turns into something more philosophical.

So, at the very start of the game we have a high-quality sci-fi setting, a deep plot with strong intrigue. And what about fear, it’s a horror movie. The authors remain true to their principles: no weapons and maps – everything is aimed at creating an atmosphere of hopelessness. As in other games from this studio, you feel helpless: you cannot inflict any attack or the ability to influence enemies.

Speaking of them … Styling enemies is original in its own way, you will not see any ghosts or “multi-tooth” mutants. The appearance of the creatures is made in accordance with the general setting of the game. But it will be far from easy to see the monsters – only outlines are barely visible in the darkened corridors, and the appearance in the frame leads to blurred vision of the main character.

The behavior of the monsters is different. For example, one reacts to sound, the other hates when you look at him, etc. Having investigated the logic of behavior and features of the monster, you can easily simplify your passage, but during this time of study you manage to get several adrenaline surges. It is impossible to hide from them, because nowhere … I am glad that monsters are encountered quite rarely, but accurately. In the game, the main enemies are not only monsters, but also a station with its constant rustles, screams, coming out of nowhere. Almost all the horror is tied to sound.

You will not find “screamers” here, because they simply do not exist, the whole game world is scary here. We saw the same system in Alien: Isolation.

Frictional Games has once again managed to create great horror, this game is more than your typical horror story. You shouldn’t play it to test the strength of your nerves.

Let’s talk about the pros: interesting theme, presentation, intelligent horror, amazing soundtrack and great design, great sci-fi story with a powerful ending, pumping atmosphere, well-thought-out monsters.

But there are also disadvantages: the graphics are fuzzy as we would like, simple puzzles, almost a “walking simulator”.

Verdict:  Soma is worthy of your attention.

And the rating of our site is Excellent.

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