Sony Edition To Egs Action About The Animals Readyset Heroes And Seems To Be Preparing To Publish More Games On Pc

Sony Interactive Entertainment Suddenly turned into a multiplatform publisher: the company will distribute the action Readyset Heroes On PlayStation 4 and PC via Epic Games Store.

Gameplay – a mixture of multiplayer battles in the arena and Dungeon CRAWLER. Two teams overcome the randomly created dungeon, fighting with monsters, dodged from traps and collect Lut. At the end of the team begin to beat with each other: who won, takes everything.

The game supports cross-play and will be supplemented after release. On PlayStation 4 for multiplayer will require a subscription PS+. For pre-orders, they give a unique appearance with the crown PlayStation, as well as the subject for the console, 10 avatars and digital soundtrack.

Developers – Studio Robot Entertainment, Famous series ORCS MUST DIE!

Sony And before I published games on PC: so I got to Steam Helldivers And EVERYBODY’S GONE TO THE RAPTURE. However, then the games were engaged in the division PlayStation Mobile, But for Readyset Heroes Replies already Sony Interactive Entertainment.

What is curious, literally the next day the chairman Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios Sean Laden (Shawn Layden) said Bloomberg: “We must support PlayStation Platform – this is not discussed. However, in the future you will see some games from my family of studios, which may need a broader user base. “.

Looks like, Lanid hinted that part of the games from internal studios Sony appear on PC. Formally Readyset Heroes Under this definition does not fall, because Robot Entertainment – Independent company. But the action confirms that Sony not ashamed to publish on a PC some not too much game.

Readyset Heroes Comes out on October 1. Price – 1 399 rubles in the PlayStation Store and 449 rubles in Epic Games Store.

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