Sony President And Former Playstation Leader Kaz Kaji Leaves His Position

Kazh Khai (Kaz Hira9) – the most important person in the history of PlayStation. He worked in structures Sony Since 1984, in 1995 joined Sony Computer Entertainment America, and in 2006 became the head of the whole group Sony Computer Entertainment. Kirai There was a tangible contribution to the success of PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 and so successfully managed the game business that in 2012 it was decided to raise to the Director-General Sony Corporation. But people have a property to get tired – it seems to happen and with Kirai.

The president Sony announced that he leaves his position. From April 1 place Kirai Borrow Kenitiro Yoshida (Kenichiro Yoshida), which is currently listed by the financial director Sony Corporation. Wherein Kirai will be the chairman of the board of directors.

According to Variety, Kirai Folds authority, because over the past six years he was carried out permanent trips to the President Sony. Kirai Wants to spend more time with his family and more often to be in their hometown in Northern California. Although for the American division Sony He will still look after: for this, there is a place in the board of directors.

What is funny, the author of the popular parody account also announced his resignation during the 2018 Kazhi Cherai in Twitter. He joked a joke on behalf Kirai For seven years and even achieved a kind of confession from Sony Playstation: His “tweets” lit up during one of the presentations from the present Kirai.

Parody Kirai Also tired: it turns out, the number of words that can be joking on failures Sony, Not infinite. However parody Kirai He retired not in April, and after E3 2018.

I Started This Twitter Account 7 Years Ago Today. I am Celebrating IT by Announcing My Retirement AS CEO HTTPS: // T.CO / RNXDCJHUII

– Ceo Kaz Hirai (@Kazhiraiceo) February 2, 2018

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