Sony Trusts Needle And Believes That Cruelty In Detroit: Become Human And The Last Of Us: Part Ii To The Place

Last presentation in the framework of the exhibition Paris Games Week 2017 Sony Interactive Entertainment introduced several fresh trailers of long-awaited exclusive exclusives for PlayStation 4, among which dramas were stood Detroit: Become Human And The Last Of US: Part II.

It was difficult not to notice that both, and the other videos demonstrated a solid portion of cruelty and suffering. Quantic Dreams I was not ashamed to show an example of domestic violence and even the killings of the child with their own father. Whereas the characters Naughty Dog And at all almost all five minutes did all sorts of atrocities with a hammer.

Meanwhile, company Sony Does not frighten the presence of such “adult” content in video games for PlayStation 4.

In an interview with VG247 Senior Vice President Sony PlayStation Michael Denny (Michael Denny) admitted that it was always important for the publisher to provide users with a choice so that the most diverse content at the same time was innovative and sometimes not easy. And even better – when he makes players think.

As the representative says Sony, The company trusts its developers, although, of course, does not miss the opportunity to verify that they are trying to implement there for ideas. Only for the publisher, the main thing is not the lack of or presence of “adults”, and their relevance in a particular game. After all, according to Denny, This is the responsibility of PlayStation – make sure that this content makes thinking “correctly” and aims exclusively for an adult audience.

By the way, as for Detroit: Become Human, According to Denny, The scene of domestic violence in the game is by no means central. Simply at this point, Kara is asked about the restrictions of his program, whether it is capable of opposing its owner in such a difficult situation.

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