“Soviet Empty” Atom Rpg Will Go To The Release At The End Of December

This year we have already seen a few short-lived games with the CIS roots, but the Parade of Domestic Igostroita has not yet been completed: the release version starts at the end of the month Atom RPG, which can be described as “Soviet Fallout”.

Next tie. In 1986, the USSR and the West Block exchanged nuclear strikes and almost destroyed each other. You become one of the survivors after the apocalypse, begin to explore the cruel world of Soviet Westerns and eventually interfere with the ominous conspiracy, which threatens life on earth even more than a nuclear war.

According to authors from Atomteam, Development Atom RPG under inspiration from classic RPG like Fallout, Wasteland, System Shock, Deus EX And Baldur’s Gate. Among features – dozens of skills, tactical step-by-step battles and large space for nonlinearity. Role Mechanics is inspired by the rules of the GURPS system: each set of characteristics leads to different ways of passing, individual dialogs and forms you have a unique relationship with the game world.

As part Atomteam РSpecialists from Russia, Latvia, Poland and from Ukraine. Atom RPG Steam went out in early access in November 2017, and in the summer of the same year collected 33 thousand dollars at Kickstarter with a minimum bar at 15 thousand.

In the Steam community, the team assured that version 1.0 starts in the second half of December 2018. Wherein Atomteam continues to bring the game to mind: for example, you can now view the history of dialogs, apply items on characters, not starting a conversation with them, to remove the camera for a greater distance and pick up the settings without exit to the main menu.

Accurate release date Atom RPG 1.0 will be revealed somewhere in a week. However, the folk hearts have won the game now: at the time of writing news, custom approval rating is 85%.

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