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Universe Warhammer 40K love many. There is for what – for a worked and epic setting, as well as for the abundance of ways to plunge into this “gloomy world of a distant future”. Among them are books, gorgeous drawings and miniatures, finally, board games of various genres, from which everything began. Space Hulk – one of these “tags”. It was she who loved the developers of video games for some reason, and, born in his desktop hat, with step-by-step tactics, she first appeared on computers as a militant, and then – as a strategy.

Space Hulk: Tactics – Eighth game about the confrontation of cosmoderants and genecrades in narrow corridors of abandoned spacecraft. The developer stands Cyanide Studio, for which cooperation with Games Workshop Not new: except for two parts Blood Bowl The French worked on the previous version of Space Hulk – militant Space Hulk: Deathwing.

Uninvited guests

In the center of the narration Space Hulk: Tactics – Detachment Adeptus Astartes, performing the task of research and stripping a huge dump of abandoned stars, freely drifting in space. Such conglomerates are called cosmic sickle. Despite the years of oblivion, life did not leave these debris, only now the current owners of imperial, orci, Eldar and still Tzinc knows whose ships are not at all friendly in relation to visitors. Representatives of the Tranidov races – Genocrades, one of the most ferocious and dangerous fighters among these xenos, are waiting for their o’clock when someone dares to disturb them peace by climbing inside the wander. Often, close and narrow starship corridors are becoming an isna for the fighting of terminators (so called special fighters of the cosmodeant) and the genecrades.

In general, the plot for “Wahi” turned out to be a standard – bloody angels, like honest warriors, chopped in the cabbage of numerous enemies, overcoming not only the attack of Haling xenosov, but also intrigues on their side (here in the role of the chief amateur torture water acts inquisitor from Ordo xenos). But there is something fresh – the ability to play for the tyranides both in single battles and in a multiplayer. In stock Even a full-fledged campaign for this side of the conflict.

This campaign is a chain of tasks telling about long-time battles on board the same Schedule, where many years later they will go the heroes of the campaign of bloody angels. The narrator is already familiar to us the Inquisitor, a big lover of history and geocracies, no matter how strange it sounded for the representative of Ordo xenos. Interest is purely scientific, do not think what!

Both campaigns allow you to travel through the dump of spacecraft on a separate screen, collecting resources and modifying your own detachment. There is even relative variability – the player has a choice, to pass to the goal of the head to slip or take up the collection of utilities, which will help in the coming battle.Space Hulk: Tactics game reviewWith a static picture in the game it is very difficult to understand what is happening. Over time you get used to.

Throw a bone in the name of the emperor

The rules of battles as a whole copy desktop, but there are also their own features. Each Terminator has a certain amount of action points that can be spent on movement or applying various skills, among which – shooting, opening and closing doors, interaction with terminals and other objects. At a special fighter of the cosmoderant, Bibliery, among other things, there are special abilities – with the help of Psi-Forces, he can increase the chances of an attack in the near battle, make one cell of the playing field temporarily impassable or with some chance to fry all the genecrades in a certain area.

About the chance worth telling more. As in the “Board”, here everyone controls the casts of cubes, and we show the results on the screen. Tribute to the original to fans of the original, no more: it is still more convenient to look at the likelihood of success or failure in the percentage ratio, which we demonstrate with each use of one or another skill.

In fact, there are enough nuances in the rules, but to learn about them, you will have to get into the settings of the weapons and equipment of every fighter in the interruptions between missions. Take, for example, a fighter with an assault gun. Yeah, the cube rushes three times if the resulting value is greater than five, then the shot is considered successful. But if the same values fall on three cubes, the weapon will explode, killing its owner.

Knowledge of interesting, but for the case of them the benefit is not enough – too far they are picked up, making this subtleties completely opaque during the battle. The lack of a normal magazine of combat (currently small informative) also adversely affects the understanding of mechanics.Space Hulk: Tactics game reviewFriend view turned out to be very atmospheric.
Gameplay for the leader of the genecrades looks somewhat simplified compared to the role of the commander of the terminators, but only at first glance. Tiranches are not limited in the number of fighters, they usually have more points of action, however the skills and methods of interaction with the surroundings are quite a bit. Starting in specially designated places of the card, they can until the last moment not to disclose the view and number of “units” on the appearance of the appearance – the opponent sees only the very fact of the presence of the enemy in a cell, which can move before it will hatch a pair-three monsters from the toothSmile to ears. Cosmodeant – a strong opponent, so for victory you have to worry hard.

For even greater diversity, the mechanics of special cards introduced to the game, which will be useful to both sides of the conflict. Terminators may play one of the cards for the course, having received a specific bonus – several points to the cast of cubes, guaranteed the success of attack and the like buns – either exchange a map for additional action points available to all members of the detachment. The genecrades also use these cards to activate similar skills, and the exchange of them is needed to buy new fighters.

Fashionable color pleases

Havaica good for games on “Warmmer” of the last year of schedule and sounding. Terminators U Cyanide Studio It turned out very well: challenged into power armor and armed with formidable weapons, from axes and hammers to bolsters and flamers, they are leished by narrow corridors of the ship, carrying the word emperor on the cracks of swords. Genocradishes did not pump – among other things, in single fights and a multiplayer of them, like cosmoderants, can be customized by adding those or other elements of external design and changing the armor coloring. Without the last, perhaps, it is already difficult to imagine the game on “Waha”.

With the design of locations, everything is not so rosy. Yes, the atmosphere of Space Hulk, the authors managed to transfer – with a view of the first person (there is here and this), the feelings from low ceilings and close abandoned compartments, where the bulky terminator with difficulty unfolds, you feel in full. But the isometric camera is not so beautiful. Space Hulk: Tactics game reviewBlood Angels Campaign Screen. Freedom of choice is no more than Ilya Muromsa before the st1.
What’s worse, it’s not very convenient to use it – for some time you have to get used to. Location is divided into separate tiles that look too fast, and their boundaries sometimes manage to consider only at the maximum approximation. Until you teach yourself to constantly use a mini-card (and even deploy it to the whole screen), it is easy to get confused in determining the desired cage. In situations, when even the turn on the spot spends points of action – not the most pleasant nuance, especially since it is impossible to cancel the moves for some reason.

The voice is also traditionally well – the genecrades are disgusting and squeezed, the pivots with the roar cut the flesh, the bolsters rumble at the queues, and the terminators are sometimes delighting the hearing puzzled phrases. True, one of them will get bored very quickly.

Rode Overwatch via overwatch

Beach of all attempts to transfer Desktop Space Hulk on video game rails – Overwatch skill. This is the name of one of the abilities of any terminator armed with a long-range weapon – spending two points of action, observe the space in front of them, opening fire for each enemy that dares to get closer to the distance. And it’s not even that the genecradias are beginning to move on such “sentinny”, dilding one by one, but that AI is very cowardly. He will very rarely decide on the opening of the door, followed by a cosmodeneur in a “sentiment” rack, and reluctantly runs away to the targeted terrain.Space Hulk: Tactics game reviewCustomization is good – you can not only change the color, but also choose between different versions of elements of power armor.
“Put” in this way the genecrades in the right places, moving on with the help of a pair of apothecary and biblira, who fulfill the main task, is not much difficult. In missions where it is necessary to hold out a certain number of moves, it’s still easier – just enough to include this most overwatch each terminator. Do not even move – know yourself listen to how cosmoderators utter this soldier soldier.

When playing, such a problem, it does not arise such a problem for obvious reasons, although at first it seems that the AI in the role of the terminators loves to succumb. The same Overwatch is not as fattened, and instead of the passivity of computer opponents, their stupidity becomes well noticeable.

In the multiplayer to fight much more interesting, but the specificity of the genre and not the most successful implementation of step-by-step battles (matches are very long and differ in very low dynamics) led to the fact that now wishing to face forces are not so easy to find. It is a pity, but any possibilities of choosing the tactics due to customization of fighters and a very charming editor of cards, most likely, will remain unclaimed.Space Hulk: Tactics game reviewSo it will be with each xenosa! Well, or not with everyone – like a cube is lying.***
Space Hulk: Tactics leaves after a dual feeling. Pluses and minuses are inseparably followed by each other: boring gameplay per cosmodeant and something new when playing in the geocracies;Not bad design of locations and characters, but uncomfortable camera and bugs (one of whom did not give me a campaign of bloody angels);Good editor cards and rating multiplayer – and too tedious implementation of battles.

Not the last of such comparisons is a matter of price and quality compliance. The strategy in Steam is asked 2,000 rubles – the price tag at the AAA-Studio level. For such money, we are offered far from hacktur, but this project, like many creations Cyanide Studio, Most likely, you will have to my shower a very narrow layer of players.

Pros: level editor;design locations and characters;Gameplay for Genocrade.

Minuses: nonsense of computer opponents;high price;bugs;”IMBY” Overwatch.

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