Space Robinson: Hardcore Roguelike: Table for Artmoney (Perks, game tips) {RG FANDEV}

Hello Dear Friends!
We present to your attention the SpaceRobinsonInfoPack.
What is included in SpaceRobinsonInfoPack:
1. “Space_Robinson_v2.7.5_RG_FanDev.amt” – Table for artmoney.
2. “Explanation of the table.txt” – Explanation of the values ​​of the table and a short description of the search method.
3. “Instruction. Auto-change addresses for group.jpg” – Detailed description of the search method. If you don’t know how to view the picture, just drag the file to the address bar of the browser (where you enter the site).
4. “Examples of characteristics of weapons .png” – An old plate with some characteristics of different weapons, it may be useful.
5. “Perks.png” – Perks that were found in the game. Maybe not everything.
6. “Tips for playing.txt” – The most interesting and useful for the game.
Features of SpaceRobinsonInfoPack:
1. Table Space_Robinson_v2.7.5_RG_FanDev.amt for Artmoney v7.44 and higher, any edition SE / PRO
2. Table Space_Robinson_v2.7.5_RG_FanDev.amt was tested on game version
3. Table Space_Robinson_v2.7.5_RG_FanDev.amt allows you to enhance 1 and 2 weapons, change the stock of cartridges and crystals.
4. The Space_Robinson_v2.7.5_RG_FanDev.amt table uses temporary addresses of values ​​without pointers.
The info was originally created for itself, since no useful cheat information on the game was found on the internet.
Further, after creating the artmoney table, it was decided to collect this pack and share with everyone, because greed is bad, right? 🙂
Therefore, please do not use “chocolate marshmallows” to throw or hate the expressions “and Ya magu ray SASDAD! 11! 1”, if you can, then do it before others.
Info is provided on an as-is basis and is distributed free of charge. All rights to the game belong to its creators..
Updates of this pack, if created, will most likely be posted only on the social network VKontakte.

If you liked the infa from the pack, then do not be greedy and also share a link to it with other players, thereby you will help the game to buy it, and to us, we also tried to create the pack ^ __ ^.

The pack was created and compiled by RG FanDev. We are in the social network VKontakte “Russifiers cheats advice from RG FanDev”, we do not throw off the link, since the pack will probably be uploaded to several sites where direct links are prohibited.
It would be correct and appropriate from our side to write about the game developers, they are also on VKontakte “Luxorix”, we also do not throw off the link for the reasons described above.
Yours faithfully,
RG FanDev.

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