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What most often do developers who want to create their own royal battle? In most cases, they offer an audience of another shooter – no matter, from a third party, he or from the first, most importantly, so that there is more firearms, the characters committed the podcasts, pomegranates and so on. Therefore, to stand out against the background of others, it is increasingly harder, and new items like Hyper Scape It is difficult to attract attention. The authors Spellbreak understood – if you think about this genre, then with something unique. For example, change guns on magic spells and allow participants to levitate over the earth.

Battle of Made

RULES B Spellbreak The familiar: 42 players fall on a large map, where a safe area is gradually narrowed, collecting equipment and fight for survival. Only a detachment mode was available on the release (three people in the group), shortly after that, there was an opportunity to play solo, and a little later will open and pair mode. So that the players immediately feel mighty magicians, in the first match they fight against bots (about what, of course, it is not reported nowhere, but it is obvious).

If in many royal battles on the map you get with bare hands, here you choose one of the six classes before the start of the match, from which the magic is available from the very first seconds. The most intuitive class is a pyromress: one button is sending a fireball into the selected point, and the other create a flame wall that causes damage to everything touching it. The following class (storm) calls for the wind gusts, and also creates suction tornado.

In the detachments mode, the defeated enemies leave after themselves the sphere if their comrades are still alive.

The conductor launches the discharge of lightning, the brewer is thrown by cobblestones and generates shock waves, northerner shoots the fragments of ice, and toxicologist splashes poisonous jets. Classes are completely different – the same toxicologist, for example, is more suitable for melee, because it shoots like a shotgun. And throwing an ice spear better from afar – with this ability the character is more like a sniper.

Under the class, it is implied to the glove on one hand, and the second “mittens” can be easily found on the map, using two elements at once. And then the most interesting thing begins – all six elements presented in the game can be combined to create powerful effects that otherwise do not achieve. If we release a poisonous ball with one glove, and another firing “fireball” on it, then an explosion will occur. The combination of electricity and tornadoes will lead to the fact that the enemies will not just suck into the hurricane, and also beat the current.

Thanks to the elements, you can create a small shelter.

There are quite a few such combinations, and although in training on their existence hint and even show one example, it is desirable to try it all and experiment in the warm-up mode. At first, when you come across in matches with opponents, you pay a little attention to combinations – just use the basic attacks and hope for the best. But the more confidently you feel and the more experienced you become, the more you try to use your capabilities to the maximum. Well, when playing in a detachment combo can be especially crushing, if you communicate with voice comrades.

Standardly, but still fun

Gloves are the only objects that allow the damage to opponents. In the shoes scattered, the chests also find shoes (than it is better, the higher the speed of movement), the armor that increases the stock of mana amulets (it is impossible to use magic – after a few shots we are waiting for energy recovery), as well as runes – additional skills are activated with their help. Either you can make a jerk, or jump high, or find enemies nearby – some runes noticeably useful than others.Spellbreak game reviewA steam seconds spend on using scrolls.
Loot is not so bored as in Hyper Scape, But before Apex Legends The game in this regard is far – there is no joy from the found rare things. Just open the chest, you put on the “square”, you wear the items better and run to the next chest. Sometimes come back on the scrolls – some run speed increase, others increase the damage of spells, and the third accelerates their processing. But you find these scrolls rarely, and the effects of them are not so notable.

However, the basis of the gameplay is excellent – to enter into battles and leave them the winner (and the losers too) fun. Sometimes it seems that 42 people are too small number of users on the map, which is especially noticeable when playing in the detachment. In the first half of the match, nothing happens, and at the end the full bardak begins with spells flying from all sides, insane combinations and attempts of members of one team to resurrect each other. In solo mode with this better, especially if you are aggressive and after opening a couple of chests to immediately seek adventures.

The better you act in the matches, the more experience for them you get, and each class is pumped separately. Earning ranks, unlock new talents, the limited number of which can be activated in a separate menu. All classes are the same: increased damage from spells at a certain reserve of mana, increased Run recovery speed, an additional chance to find scrolls, restoring armor when removing the opponent – in general, this is mostly useful passive skills that choose depending on the style of the game. You can completely abandon armor and apply 15% more damage by spells or higher jump, spending less mana at levitation – options.

With one of the talents, the player receives the second chance after death, and sometimes it saves in unexpected situations.

Each class has an analogue of combat pass with prizes for earned levels. Among them are full of banners, emblems, ranks, emotions and valuable currency needed to buy cosmetic items in the store. With “cosmetics” the game problems – the design of the costumes is very boring, though, it would seem, in the game about wizards so much you can come up with! Not sure that with such proposals, developers will be able to make money on an ongoing basis.***
Release – only the beginning of the way for Spellbreak, who have chances to become popular. It works surprisingly steadily, the localization is tolerable (some words are not translated and sometimes do not fit into the interface, but it is corrected), and the gameplay is original and keeps the screen. Here you need to add more interesting lout and bright “cosmetics”, and maybe even entering classic modes – Deathmatch between levitating magicians would look interesting. Be that as it may, the game is worthy of attention, besides it is distributed free of charge and maintains cross-play.

Pros: the original royal battle in which there is no fireary, but there is magic;Interesting mechanics with elements and their combinations;convenient control;The progress system allows you to get useful passive skills;Support cross-school between all platforms.

Minuses: The collected Lut does not cause any emotions, even if he is the coolest;boring cosmetic subjects;The number of players on the server should be slightly increased.

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