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One of the first attempts to go through Spelunky 2 did not cost without tragedy. Getting to leading to the next level of the door, I noticed on one of the platforms of the Pug – if there is an opportunity, I always grab the dog and make it up to the exit. But I met PSA pretty early, so with me he had to wade through a bunch of obstacles and dangers. At some point we came across the abyss with two traps, from which the arrows fly out when approaching. It happened that neither my bombs did not have any garbage night there was no garbage – so that the traps worked, I had to throw down the pug, sacrificing them for their own security. He, of course, could not stand all this, but what to do – here the main thing to survive.

Savor how you can

But what happened became a valuable lesson – either always carry with you just in case of a bomb, or do not break the vases without examining the neighborhood. This is all Spelunky 2 – Each passage and every death is teaching. An unprepared player even the first location is unlikely to be able to go through for the first hour – then the opponents will be killed, then with traps will have to suffer, you will begin to get confused in the buttons and throw bombs instead of using rope. It is absolutely normal, next time it will probably come out to speak noticeably better!

First Spelunky entered many lists of the best and main games of the decade – it was from her who began a boom “Rogaliks” and we could hardly get without it Rogue Legacy, THE BINDING OF ISAAC and other similar games. Non-easy platformer with procedural location generation gained great popularity, and this is fair both for the free original (which can still be downloaded under this link) and for the subsequent HD version, for which other PS Vita owners continued to regularly charge the portable console.Spelunky 2 game reviewAs in the original, the character carries with him bombs and rings. The first explodes the obstacles, and with the help of the second you get closer to high platforms.
Now online is full of reviews about Spelunky 2 from those who spent the first part hundreds of hours and considers it one of the favorite games. So people in the sequel like everything, innovations do not look unnecessary, and the continuation even they don’t seem easy. New traps and opponents can sweat nerves, the control has changed a little (we can not destroy with jumps with jumps, for example), and in the settings, with the first opportunity, you turn off the automatic run – in the original hero ran only when the button is swapped.

I have a relationship with Spelunky did not work out – missed her on the release, and then did not burn with the desire to come to her, he was played together for the first time shortly before the release of the sequel. The reason for the popularity of this “Roganic” was clear, and the second part in which I spent almost a dozen hours on the first day, only reinforced the guesses – in Spelunky 2 Many positive qualities are combined, thanks to which the game has long remains fresh and offers new tests every time.

Service and dangerous, and difficult

In Sequel, we again take on the role of a shelter, this time driving an alone, a character’s daughter from the first part. She goes to the moon in search of his parents, finds the notes left by them, after which her long adventure begins. Behind the plot here, understandable, coming down. The main thing – the gameplay, which, after unpretentious training, immediately fills in the player with dangers and forces with the mind to approach each site of location.Spelunky 2 game reviewUpon completion of each area, you celebrate a character that collects resources to create short ways. The deeper you immerse yourself, the harder to carry out these conditions.
The character appears on the map with four “lives”, and its task – get from the top of each location to the bottom. Since the areas are generated by chance, the location of the objects is almost never the same (with the exception of rooms with bosses), and the conditions always turn out to be different. Sometimes you can be painlessly reach the next door, not faced with any obstacles, in some cases it is possible to collect a lot of money without unnecessary problems and come to the merchant (they come across on some floors) with full pockets. And there are moments when the enemies and traps are quite a lot, so that difficulties arose at every step.

From the point and to the point b always there is a laid path – if he follows, get to the door will not be so difficult. But it is difficult to deny yourself the pleasure to study every angle: find precious stones, split all the vases in the hope of finding there gold, find secrets. More money – more chances to buy something useful, kind of jetpack, parachute, shoes with spikes, shooting web gun and other things. What exactly they do is not explained, but usually you can easily guess yourself.

When I wanted to do everything beautiful, but it turned out as usual.

At the same time, the adventure may lead to unexpected problems. Always need to be estimated whether it is worth risking or you can do without some diamond. At first, the traps do not even notice – they merge too well with the earth. But over time, you start to activate them, without applying damage. Wear in the hands of stones or skulls to throw them if necessary, or think over the action plan in advance when you get to the jungle – there they get off the spike platforms from all sides, if they stand for too long.

Touch the opponents with great caution. Hanging on the ceiling spiders kill a whip – it is not so useful in fights, because they wait for them later, then early. Someone jump on top – it either immediately kill the opponent, or just stun. While it is in a shutdown, you can grab it and throw it away – reset from cliff or activate traps. In the mines where the journey begins, you save from the moles that are digging under the ground and at any time can get out to the surface. And so, similar to the lizards of creatures, turning in the ball and rolled towards the heroine, are especially dangerous – after one strike, you can say goodbye to life.Spelunky 2 game reviewSaved people fall into the central location in which the character starts his way.
Basically, I bring examples from the mines (where the character starts his way), because Spelunky 2 It is better to play without unnecessary spoilers and find everything and find out on your own. Having reached the last stage of the location and defeated boss, we decide where to move on, – two doors lead in different areas, which was not in the first part.

Other innovation – Passages deploy locations where tests are found, trophy chests and all sorts of baubles. The main thing is not to linger for too long in the same area, because after three minutes a ghost chasing the character will arrive.

Worry about the timer should not – I really rarely had to run away from ghost, since everything I needed had time to do before arrival. But the funny situations with his participation were enough, especially when greed wanted in me and there was a sharp desire to complete three cases at the same time. First, save the pug (or a cat – choose in the settings yourself) – if you bring it to the exit, give the bonus “life”. Secondly, to attribute to the door of the Golden idol – or it is difficult to get to him, or when it takes it a dangerous trap, it will give a lot of money for it. Thirdly, to convey to the exit a valuable vase with a diamond inside. When all this juggling and achieving success, the game begins to like even more.Spelunky 2 game reviewSometimes it is possible to get a partner – it controls the AI, aggressively striker for each opponent.

Master speleologist

Charm Spelunky 2 The fact that the confidence in the player has more and more. And such a multitasking that initially seems impossible, it becomes almost mandatory. The first timid attempts to reach the exit – just running from one point to another, just to survive, even if with one “life”. And an hour or two unfortunate pug, sitting above the flooded floors, surrounded by two aborigines, try to save even without thinking about the risk. Quickly looked around the neighborhood, neutralized the trap, defeated weak enemies (from which you already know what to expect) – even if suddenly you are not lucky and wounded, the pleasure of it will not deteriorate.

Watch how this world works and look for new opportunities do not stop. If the mole digs next to the trap, you can lure him there. When inadvertently throw the item next to the Aboriginal, he picks it up and uses as a weapon. In Sicvel, dried creatures were introduced – sit on them, wait for a couple of seconds and can thus tame, moving on top to their death. But maybe they have another application? Well, traders do not need to buy goods – the “Pick object” button works in stores. Just get ready for consequences.

Good when everything goes according to plan.

In solitary mode, the game delays no on a joke, and in the cooperative it becomes more fun – now there is support on online. The company of four speleologists can go for adventures using additional amenities in the multiplayer. Dogs give bonus “life” to all participants, and not just to those who relate to the door. To get to the exit can someone alone – the rest automatically teleport. Well, if someone died, he turns into the Spirit and acquires unique skills – can blow up enemies and objects, as well as freeze opponents. Surprise partner you can, if you find a sarcophagus, however, in some situations, the Spirit may even be more useful than the usual character. It is a pity, while online works unstable, but the developers are trying to fix it – for sure the release of the PC version will improve the situation.***
Spelunky Constantly generates unique situations, and in the sequel diversity is even more thanks to new traps, opponents and other dangers. The game takes not the fact that the character finds dozens of items and is transformed into a monster as in THE BINDING OF ISAAC, – It offers different conditions with every restart, giving on reflections to three minutes, which in most cases it turns out enough. In a sense, it is a “Rogali” -Glavol, the complexity of which depends on the player. From his ability to learn from their mistakes, from speed and accuracy, from greed and confidence. So people spent in the first part hundreds of hours and therefore continue to do it in Spelunky 2.

Pros: excellent procedural generation of levels, due to which the highest playability is achieved;Each error and every death is learned and often occur due to player’s fault, and not random events;a variety of locations, opponents and situations;Online Cooperative Support.

Minuses: Each area corresponds to one musical composition, and a meager soundtrack over time anniversary.

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