Spider-Man 3: The Game: Tip (Easy Way to Play as Peter Parker)

We talk to Robbie about the photographs and leave the building – We go in again and wait inside for two minutes – When the time is up we select the option “try something else” – Already in the guise of Peter Parker we start playing the bomb tour on the roof – We leave the bomb tour then choose the option “try something else” and go downstairs I press all the time “shift + punch”.

Peter is not available: swing, kicks and combinations, jump, wall crawl, missions, super kicks.

Available techniques in free play: a combination of hand punches on the ground and in the air, jump during a battle, hang the enemy on a pole, shoot with a web, tie with a web, pull to yourself, throw with the help of a web, reflexes, grab the enemy on the ground and in the air, reverse blow, swing on two cobwebs.

Participation in races and combat tours!

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