Spintires: Tip (Change the number of logs)

Instructions on how to increase the number of remaining logs when throwing off the load, as well as changing the height of the square for loading.
Open any of the listed files located in Media.zip \ classes \ trucks \
load_logs_long.xml – long logs
load_logs_medium.xml – medium logs
load_logs_short.xml – short logs
any text editor.

They have the line “”
ManualLoads = “2” – this is the number of logs required for loading, as well as the same number will drop out when the load is dropped. Change the number to 20 – this will just be full racks of firewood.
LoadPoints = “6” are the points that you will bring to the sawmill. If you put the number 8 – then this is one walk will turn out.
Now with loading. You will not be able to load all 20 logs without changing the maximum loading height. That is, the game will initially only count the bottom row, and those higher, you will see that they are above the red / green loading square (zone). To change the height, you need to open the files (ibid.):
ural_cart.xml – URAL platform
kraz_cart.xml – KRAZ platform
trailer_cart.xml – Dissolution
trailer_kraz_cart.xml – Extended dissolution

for example, in the ural_cart.xml file look for the lines:
Type = “MediumLogs”
Min = “(- 2.276; 1.42; -1.12)”
Max = “(- 0.623; 2.09; 1.12)”
change the value of 2.09 to 3.49 and you get the maximum height of the loading zone completely along the rack.
But that’s not all: In the same way, you need to change the value in the file
the line Max = “(- 4.864; 2.05; 1.12)” change to Max = “(- 4.864; 3.45; 1.12)”

Now both the trailer and the truck can take logs at the rack.

You also need to change the rest of the files..
Lines Type = “MediumLogs” – this is the setting for medium logs.
And the line Type = “LongLogs” is the setting for long logs.
The kraz has both lines:
Type = “MediumLogs”
Min = “(- 1.84; 1.32; -1.12)”
Max = “(- 0.11; 2.2; 1.12)”
Type = “LongLogs”
Min = “(- 4.395; 1.15; -1.12)”
Max = “(- 1.56; 2.2; 1.12)”

Replace values ​​2.2 with 3.2

With short logs “load_logs_short” is the same principle. I won’t say anything about the height, since I haven’t tried it.

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