SPORE: Advice (How to farm yourself food in the tribe stage)

Hello! This is my first type of article. Here I will tell you some small tips for passing spore at the tribe stage. Many found it difficult to pass this stage because food was scarce. My tactic is this.

1. I have completed the Omnivorous Cage Stage. (+)

2. I finished the Creature Aggression Stage (+) And so, the most important thing at the stage is being. Many people think, why do I need allies and do not need me to pump coquetry, dancing, etc.! But, it should be done. It is better to pump everything to the 4th – 5th level. After you have pumped everything, you can go to look for a hermit. We are looking for him. And we are trying to make friends with him (I had Bdyzh – Hermit 250 HP) But before that, you must free up space in the pack. After you have become friends, you must attract him to the flock. 

3. Stage Tribe (Finished in friendliness) So. Remember you invited the hermit to the pack? Yes? Excellent! Now he is in your pet role. And this is a big plus! At this time, you better stock up on food and build pipes. Then he will make friends with another tribe. This is a plus for T.K. they can give you gifts (5 – 10 food or more) After that, you must select friendliness on the taskbar and tame another pet. And here is the answer WHY! They hatch eggs. And from them it turns out NYAM NYAMA for the tribe. Very large farm. Especially if you make friends with 2 tribes, (+10 food) collect a bunch of food (+10 +15 food) catch fish (+5 +10 food) hunt for a whole species (+20 +25 food) and at the end you collect eggs (+20 +30) total +65 food

So I got through! I hope my article helped you! Rate the article on a 10-point scale! Good luck)

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