Star Wars Battlefront 2: Video Game Review

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It’s been two days since the new Battlefront from Electronic Arts came out and it’s just total gloom. But about everything in order. Since the game is not the worst game of 2005, the comparison will be straight with it, and here and there with Star Wars Battlefront 2015. The first thing I would like to point out is what most people pay attention to in the first place.


Nothing bad can be said. The picture is beautiful, juicy. Views of the same Yavin 4 fascinate, and cosmic views take you into oblivion. However, there are flaws in the form of a disappearing droid during landing on the ship, or blinking of the screen at the time of death or when the settings change. Although it can be attributed to the fact that the game has just come out and all will be corrected with the release of patches (if of course, they will do it). The card is not of the Paleozoic era (NVIDIA GeForce 1060 6G). Plus it is worth noting the funny ragdoll: pixel squires sometimes remain in very funny positions, which causes the desire to help the poor man to lie down comfortably … True shots pass through the carcass, which makes the attempt to help absolutely impossible.

Gameplay. In general, the usual shooter with the ability to switch from the first to the third person, just as it was in the rest of the games of the Battlefront line. The truth here should be immediately made, if in 2005 the appearance of the third person did not cause a sickening reaction to the animation, then prepare for the fact that when playing for the characters you will not have a choice between the position of the camera, and bouts of laughter will be suppressed only with serious fatigue. However, this is just my remark. In the rest, it is played easily and at ease, the weapon shoots, so that it is felt that the character in the hands of the blaster E-11 Imperial Stormtrooper or DL-44 Han Solo. Heroes of the Jedi chop properly and pleases the eye. Perks are used and each character has their own. Particularly useless and unnecessary I did not find, except that the shield of the main character in the campaign. It feels like battlefield 3/Battlefield 4 in the Star Wars scenery. On flights, we can say that they stopped being crazy and the flights stopped causing some burning just below the sarcastic spine as it did in Star Wars 2015.


And here, dear reader, we are smoothly approaching what personally led me into a terrible frenzy. I’m not going to spoil anything, so this paragraph will come out the shortest. I will only say that this is a junction between 6 and 7 episodes of the film, but the duration came very short, and the connection between the missions is observed only near the end of the game. And some plot points caused me questions of rather strange content. And arcade missions do not shine much variety. Almost all missions are reduced to “Kill them all.” All the pulp in the characters for whom you can play and mission modifiers, which leads “Kill them all” to “Kill them all without a mini card/one life/for a limited time”, but it begins to get bored after 2-3 arcade cards.


Needless to say, technically the game turned out to be quite beautiful and spectacular. Compared to Battlefront II 2005, sky and earth, but not far from Star Wars Battlefront 2015. The views are good, all the battle scenes are beautiful, the cosmos is a separate theme. But all these pros quickly and decisively overlaps a bunch of fat cons:

  • Short and rambling story. No, I do not deny the fact that I could not see something, having passed it 2 times during this time, but during these two times, I have not found the answers to some of my questions.
  • The current optimization. It was impossible to play the first couple of hours, the picture twitches are interrupted, black screens, the benefit of departures was not. But having re-examined the driver everything became better and the play became more comfortable.
  • Price. The game was taken by pre-order, believing in a better future, but as it turned out, everything is quite deplorable. Plus earning in-game currency and microtransactions. There have already been scandals about micro-transactions, once again there is no point in writing.
  • Cases. Receiving cards with amplification of perks or health of the characters is, of course, interesting, but not in the case when you have already paid a thousand rubles for the game. After all, if to draw a rather rough analogy with CS:GO, the original price tag was in the region of five hundred rubles (the case was a long time ago, I could confuse) and cases were bought separately, but from these cases, we could get skins and trade them on the court, and here we have just a set of improvements for a single or network game. And all this just for the sake of your Stormtrooper could shoot the enemy’s Stormtrooper?
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