Star Wars Battlefront: Council (high jumps of any class with grenades)

We cut down the damage to our own (otherwise you will end up dead at the destination), throw a grenade under us, calculate the time of its operation, and … we jump. Depending on the distance of the character from the grenade and where he will be, it depends where and how much he will throw him. If you DO NOT jump, then you will be thrown a little, and if you learn, it will help you more than once (although, who knows, you play for 5 minutes a year)
The cost of one jump is one grenade. If you throw it high, you can lose a little vitality, so you need to jump high only if you wanted to throw yourself somewhere. The joke is really addictive;)
P.S. after the jump, you still need to get up, do not jump into the thick of grenades and / or enemies.

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