Star Wars: Battlefront Scares Dice

As you know, at the moment DICE Magnify the final strokes on the next part of its most popular series Battlefield, After that, close to the restart franchise on the basis of “Star Wars” Star Wars: Battlefront. However, now one of the best specialists of the Stockholm office of the company began to start the initial stage of development.

And at this time, the executive producer of the studio Patrick Bakh (Patrick Bach) told how the Swedes generally got the right to this project and how frightening he now seems to them.

It all started with the fact that the team DICE I was sure: the developers of the previous Battlefront obviously inspired by their corporate game, which means it would be much better and more honest if the creators themselves Battlefield and asked to make a shooter in the universe Star Wars. Although, of course, agrees Bach, Then companies would be complicated to find at this time.

And here not so long ago Electronic Arts spent a conversation S George Lucas (George Lucas), in which the further fate of the franchise. At some point, the publisher remembered the outrage of the devnels “Fields of Boy” and immediately suggested them to show their skills in a completely new Star Wars: Battlefront. Well, didn’t you answer “no” in such a situation?

Like this DICE And I got this wonderful order, after which I immediately grabbed the head, yes it was too late. According to Baha, The team is just horrified by the level of expectations that the numerous fans demonstrate Star Wars. Now it’s so easy to cool down, to do something that you will do not like the fans of the old series Battlefront, Although, of course, to some extent the Swedes save the status of “rebut”.

Curiously, experiencing the same feeling of fear Visceral Games And BioWare, which are also assigned to the development of video games in the “Star Warrior” universe as part of a long-term contract between EA And Disney?

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