Star Wolves 2: Civil War: Tips And Tactics

Want to become a millionaire? Then you are in the CEBOS system!
1. After the capture and “laundering” of the pirated base “Mastiff” we go through the check with new identifiable numbers, we are looking for a guarded sphere with guns (we have already passed through it, around a lot of broken transport ships), we enter it and start shooting guns in the middle ring. We recruit a sufficient number of guns “radiance”. We destroy the transport ships within the sphere and collect all things.
2. We get a mission from Gürza for the transportation of a bomb. After passing the portal, I said that I was visiting a bomb and dropped it. The mission is failed.
3. We receive a letter from Alex and fly to a meeting. Alexa has the ability to “polarization” (shield restoration). Very useful in the CEBOS system.
4. For flight to the CEBOS system, you need: ship-database “CTS-2 Astarta” (Cali Shield (3500.), Pro (40), protection against laser weapons (80%)).
5. We destroy all the berserkov in the CEBOS system and fly to the warehouse number 1. In stock we take everything you need, free from the store, unnecessary sell to the Warehouse.
Now I have a big pile of fighters, equipment and money.

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