Starship Troopers: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

Beetles: what are the best ways to eliminate.

1. employee: harmless bug. byaka because supplies are spent on him.
2. simple soldier: light infantry, everything works. but if a herd and with weak weapons…
3. lair: not a beetle but gives birth to them. you can rockets or run closer and five seconds of fire with the whole squad.
4. Plasmazhuk: not dangerous at all. even if his plasma crashes into the squad (like an anti-aircraft gun), then you don’t care. but on the other hand, it interferes with aviation (you cannot make air raids, and take wounded soldiers), is destroyed by missiles.
5.tanker: giant beetle – worker, crawls out of the ground causing two problems, dunk it and blow up the lair is destroyed by missiles.
6. flyer: in my translation, the games were called locusts. very dangerous, but easily knocked down by machine guns.
7. slicker: a small bug with a leather pouch on the nozzle. spits with acid. I prefer to kill with CONVENTIONAL rockets.
8. Plasmozuk cub: a small nimble INFECTION !!! when it runs up close, it starts firing from the rear as from a flamethrower. if mortally wounded – explosive!
9. gum: half-red larvae of unknown person. killed easily.
10. golden soldier: royal guards, luckily for us, found in 3 missions (xenocide 1,3,4). attacks immediately, sometimes crashing into the squad with acceleration, sometimes jumping from afar to the center of the squad.
11. rhinoceros: blind powerful beetle. crashes into the squad, throwing soldiers to the sides and severely injuring them.
12.the Brainman: Starship Troopers watched?
at the end of the film there is this very brain. unlike the film, it does not move at all. just lies like a big turd coordinates the attacks of beetles (with a halo under the paws).
13.consort: big beetle. rockets it, rockets!
14.servant: looks like a hard worker, but you can find a brain man using them.
15. chameleon: a mantis-like infection. can disguise himself and the soldiers do not see him. it can be spotted by a psycho-soldier always sits in ambush in packs.

that’s about beetles, it seems, that’s all. if I missed something write here about it.

Here is a list of bugs that are found up to the level where you need to help General Hoser in the desert (this is after the mission “Two Bridges” or something like that. There are a lot of versions of this game!) I am writing in order of the appearance of reptiles in the game.

Standard enemy. It is killed by everything that is, but especially effective “Marader M4” and a shotgun. There is no weak armor, but it does not bite weakly. It’s rare to meet a reptile one by one. Attack in flocks of 10 to 300 critters. I will tell you the corpses in bulk. Win by more numbers than some outstanding performance.

Small bastard of a brown color. Doesn’t know how to bite when we look, they scatter where. They look like cockroaches. They are not dangerous, but nevertheless, they are useful to beetles in the form of collecting information about our positions, collecting resources for their own and running through the supposedly mined territories. After a dozen phaetons die on a minefield, the main troops go forward, who are no longer afraid of being blown up by a mine. A reptile is killed with 1 shot from any weapon (Better from a “marauder” so as not to waste ammo)

Yellow Stripe Improved Warrior. It bites harder, “marader” will be killed through attempts, so we get the “morita” and fire at the reptile. A sound similar to the grinding of metal means that the reptile has taken damage. There are about 1-20 pieces approximately, since each reptile costs 10 simple wars.

Why I called him a jumper I have no idea since he flies and does not jump. Green in color, attacks from the air. It is beaten with either a “morita” or an anti-aircraft machine gun. At the approach (when the reptile flies in a straight trajectory at us from top to bottom), you can successfully beat the reptile with a shotgun, if there is one. After death, falls apart right in flight. A beautiful sight!

A fat black beetle. He spits on our fire from the boss (does he have a fire generator instead of brains?) It is dangerous because it is difficult to kill a reptile, and he himself is capable of crushing any obstacle into a crumpled state. This is what we will be convinced of in the mission “Outpost 39” when the reptile cuts a hole in the iron wall about 5-7 meters high. It is killed either in the head with direct volleys from a shotgun or MRK rocket launcher, or we take a grenade, set a timer and throw it so that it rushes closer to the reptile’s back (just like in the movie!)

Gorse mite.
Nasty creature. Calmly sits on any surfaces at any angle (even upside down) and firing at us is unclear what. Judging by the description, his stomach generates stones with which he spool in us. In this case, these stones burn because they fly in the form of red balls. It is recommended to have a sniper rifle with you when you meet, since the tick itself firing at a distance of 60 meters, and our cartridges fly in all directions at such a distance. It usually sits in the shade, which makes it difficult to find a reptile. But there is a way to detect it. Before the shot, it produces a red light, which we find it.

Plasmoid Infant.
A beetle the size of a tanker beetle is bluish in color. At long distances, it launches a lump of plasma from the rear. On not very large ones, the same plasma breathes like a dragon and on very close ones it kicks the ground in the hope of crushing us. Falls in the head or in the ass during the shot. It is especially effective to shoot from RTOs in the head. Will die in 5-10 seconds. After death, a blue glow and something like chtoli fog spreads around the body. Poses a threat to both infantry and low-flying landing ships.

Small, nasty and very nasty bastard. Has a small size (somewhere with a cat)
At the sight of our soldiers produces a bright flash which 1. Blinds us. 2. Gives a signal to other beetles. Kills quickly, but if it breaks out wait for guests.

A colossal creature. Everything is the same as that of the Infant, only the damage is greater, and besides, its plasma clots overcome the atmosphere and beat up our flagships and even (!) Bomb the planets! Kills as well as small truth to soak longer. I don’t know what the goals are, but the ass is very effective. When you shoot from the RTO at his rear (at the time of the shot), if you see a bright flash, then the missile has reached its target. Also killed from the bazooka, which unfortunately opens with a current after a couple of levels after the first meeting with the reptile. By the way, the bazooka is a miniature version of the atomic bomb, so use it wisely.

An improved version of the jumper. Instead of biting, he breathes fire. Kills also.

Infant tanker.
Guess twice who he is. A smaller and weaker version of the tanker. Has a grayish color. Kills also.

The most hated enemy in the game. The creatures are smaller than phaetons. They move by jumping, which makes it difficult to kill. If you give him a close distance, he will jump in place and fire a small clot of plasma at you. The kill is very difficult. The most effective weapon is the shotgun. 1 shot – up to 5 corpses at once. More precisely, not corpses, but pieces because the reptiles are simply tearing apart. They hide and ambush sometimes in groups. You will recognize them immediately, believe me.

I forgot the real name. No need to kill. His tactic is to fly a ram. Explodes on impact. Just run to the side and everything will be okey-dock.

Spit tiger.
Byaka. Big evil byaka. “Marader” you kill the hell. In addition, this reptile is capable of firing at a distance with clots of chevoto green, presumably plasma. In close combat, he fights no worse than a simple tiger. Even 1 reptile is dangerous if there is no “morita” or something else that can break through his shell.

Rhinoceros beetle.
A creature the size of a lehkovushka. Ramms the enemy. Just like the tanker crushes all obstacles to hell. Truth with effort. Killing in the forehead is unrealistic. Take advantage of the fact that the reptile turns badly and morally slows down. Walk around him from the back and shoot him in the ass with a shotgun. Where the ass you will understand.

Royal warrior.
perhaps the most dangerous modification of the war. He plays the role of the commander of the beetle troops and also guards the wiseacres whom I have not yet met. It can be seen from a distance because it is 3-4 times large simple beetles. You can kill him either with a bazooka or firing a reptile on the red pieces on the sides near his mouth, which, judging by the description, are eyes. Only after you shoot off one eye and then even a little bullet in your mouth will everything be decided. Dangerous bastard. 1 costs an army of beetles.

Well, that’s it. These are all the enemies that I read and saw myself. the rest of the vrgs you will see for yourself when you play. I will while tormented trying to find codes for this game.

An urgent amendment regarding the battle with the royal warrior (huge beetle). No need to shoot in his mouth! In fact, those red things near the mouth are the plates that cover and protect the eyes! So these are the amendments to battle tactics! Take “Marauder M4”, a shotgun or, best of all, “Morita square” (ONLY ALTERNATIVE (ACCELERATED) FIRE MODE!) And shoot the reptile plate! I recommend that you first demolish both plates, and then shoot at random at the place where these plates were. If not red (as on plates), but blue blood flies, this means that you hit the reptile right in the eye. A few dozen of these hits, and he’s dead. I recommend memorizing combat tactics once and for all. For in the penultimate mission you have to fight this creature 2-3 times per level. Good luck!

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