Starts the second stage of testing MIGHT & MAGIC: HEROES VII

Starts the second stage of testing MIGHT & MAGIC: HEROES VII
Seventh part of the cult series HEROES OF MIGHT & MAGIC Slowly selected to the release. But before laying out the game on store counters, Ubisoft And Limbic Entertainment We decided to spend the second stage of testing that starts through the hours.

“Beta” will begin on August 26 at 14:00 Moscow time and will last until September 2. Those who issued pre-ordered or won the key in one of the numerous contests will be able to get there. However, there is a third way to get to a step-by-step strategy before the rest: at Humble Bundle now sell a set with a “heroic” series. By paying there only one dollar, you will receive not only a few classic games, but also a pass to the cherished beta test. It seems, even with the current course, the proposal looks quite well.

In the early version, they will test the army of the Alliance of Light, Academy, Forest Union and the League of Shadows on Four Maps. Will be available both multiplayer and battles against artificial intelligence.

The rest of the information Ubisoft Offers search on the official website.

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