Street Legal Racing: Redline: Tips And Tactics

How to competently prepare a car to races.

Attention! This article cannot be used as a guide to setting up cars in real life, under no circumstances!

general information.

To competently configure your car, it is better to use original, spare parts. Despite the fact that some parts from other car brands can still be approached. This applies mainly to the engine. Before buying the item, remember the full name of the part, which you have, otherwise you risk buy the same. In the catalog, find the details of your car brand. If you found the item, which costs more than your current, then buy it. Spare parts that are definitely not suitable for you, the computer simply will not allow you to buy. Not all parts makes sense to change. Try not to buy ordinary factory parts, but take sports, professional. I brought you a list of those spare parts that makes sense to change, to improve the characteristics of your car. All improvements will be displayed in the information table of your car.


1. Cylinder block: responsible for the volume of the engine and, accordingly, for power, overclocking and maximum speed. This is the heart of your car. The greater the volume, the more powerful installation of nitrogen zaksi he can withstand without straining. Never put a powerful NOS system on a weak motor, otherwise it burns after several races. The more your engine, the more return you get from nos. You can insert the minimum and maximum turns. Never exhibit maximum turns more than those in which the engine gives peak power. To see the speed at which the engine gives maximum power, use the schedule in the table of the indicators of your car.
2. Flywheel: responsible for overclocking and maximum turns. It should be as easy as possible and large in diameter.
3. Transmission: responsible for competent use of motor power, a box with a good gear ratio will reduce overclocking time and increase the maximum speed. Since the transfer numbers cannot be changed, then take a box with a maximum number of gears, it is not scary that the transmissions will be short, but the engine will always be on large turns. By this you will ensure good traction almost all the time.
4. Anti-broken clutch: will save the adhesion with sharp acceleration.
5. Clutch: responsible for the ability to quickly trim. Take care of him like a zenitsa of an eye and never throw in trifles. This is the most vulnerable place of your car.
6. Camshafts: responsible for overclocking and maximum engine speed. They can be configured for faster overclocking, but this can lead to an accelerated engine wear.
7. Pistons: responsible for power, when using NOS, roast, so use forged or improved.
8. Exhaust manifold: responsible for power.
9. The intake manifold and a fuel regulator frame: responsible for fuel supply and acceleration. You can adjust the mixture, making it richer or poorer. You are supplied either more fuel or more oxygen. Here you need a balance.
10. Superchargers and turbines: fuel under pressure, which allows you to increase overclocking and power. Perfectly work with nos.
11. NOS: Nitrogen upset, temporarily increases engine power. Has a devastating effect on it. The more the cylinder, the longer you can use it. Requires very accurate circulation.
12. Carburetor: responsible for fuel supply and overclocking. If it is possible to adjust it, then you can either increase overclocking or maximum speed.
13. Block head: If you put more expensive, it will increase the stroke of the piston, which will lead to an increase in the engine volume and increasing power. May require replacement of connecting rods for longer.
fourteen. If there is an opportunity, then make a special tuning, but it is not available for all cars.
15. Silencer and exhaust system: responsible for overclocking. In principle, the muffler and the exhaust pipe can be removed at all, leaving only the exhaust manifold. True, the car will work louder, and you may have a problem with the police.
Direct-time exhaust system, more precisely, its complete absence can lead to an increase in engine wear.
All the remaining parts for the engine should be changed only as they wear them.
If your car does not stand any spare parts that can be installed, then install them, for example, the machine can be sold without a radiator or without a supercharger.

Body details.

All body parts are divided into factory and additional. Factory – these are your basic details – glass, doors. Additional details are, as a rule, either decorative body kit of your machine, or an improvement in body aerodynamics.
It is recommended to put more streamlined bumpers that reduce ground clearance, as well as anti-grooves and spoilers that will provide better stability at high speeds on a straight line.

Details of the internal interior.

It makes sense to put one good seat for the driver and sports steering wheel. Maybe when turning the car will go a little more confident, since the driver will be easier to control it, and the overload will be happening for him.

Suspension and brakes.

1. Springs: responsible for the height of the clearance, the stability of the machine on turns. You need to put the most short and hard springs. When rebuilding at speed, the car should not swing like a ship on the waves, otherwise you risk turning over, or break into a skid. The lower your center of gravity, the more you are stable.
2. Shock absorbers: responsible for quenching vibration from holes, and should also interfere with the splitting machine on turns. Shock absorbers need to put gas and the most durable – as a rule, the most expensive.
Stretching on shock absorbers: allow the car to overcome steep turns with the smallest demolition. Need to put on the front and rear suspension. The more expensive the cost, the better.
3. Suspension itself: Springs and shock absorbers are attached to it, as well as brakes. If there is a sharper model on sale, then put.
4. Brakes: responsible for the distance for which you check. It is necessary to take a large diameter, and that brake cylinders have as many pistons as possible.

Tires and discs.

1. Tires: responsible for adhesion with expensive during acceleration and braking. It makes sense to put low-profile rubber, and a soft. However, the softer the tires, the faster she is erased.
2. Wheels: discs need to take wide and large radius, according to your rubber. However, do not cease, rubber when disks a large radius, should be low-profile. The wider the rubber, the greater the clutch with the road, and, accordingly, resistance to turns.

Recommendations for the game.

1. The more car you feel, the more expensive it will be repaired. Therefore, you should not be laid out on a complete coil without need, especially for the departure from the police.
2. If firmly decided that they would not leave the police, then it would be better to pay them immediately, or fight to the end. Do not try to leave in a straight line, and use narrow streets with plenty of turns.
3. If you see that the opponent has a coolest car, then do not compete immediately for money, but you can lose. Even if the opponent is below you in rank.
4. Play better on a manual gearbox, but with auto track. This will allow you to get carefully and better use machine capabilities.
5. Be very careful when driving, especially when managing the rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive car.
6. The more powerful your car, the faster it exhausted its resource, be careful and do not scatter on trifles.
7. When you buy yourself a car, consider her weight – the easier, the faster it will ride. 180 horses at 1100 kg, it is better than 200 horses with weight 1500 kg.
8. If the car has a 4-cylinder engine, this is not an indicator that it is weak. Light with a good 4-cylinder engine is able to break heavy 8 cylinder .
9. Try to compete as much as possible day, it is too dangerous for the car. To do this, earn 10 thousand dollars in the daytime and go for night races. The minimum rate there is 10 thousand, and the victory will not be difficult, the main thing is that you have had normal spare parts. For prestige, it is also better to compete at night, because in a straight easier to ride, and for participation in night races give more Prestige glasses.
10. When you finish the race in a straight line, then on the finish your car will slow down automatically, try to get away from the track to the side, otherwise your opponent will stay in you after the race, and when you go back to the start, then do not stay in the riders going to youTowards. No one will pay you for repairing the car.

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