Streets Of Rage Remake (Cheat) [5.1] {KROCKI}

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  • 1: Download the file from here to your PC.
  • 2: Extract the file from the archive.
  • 3: Place it in the game folder and replace.
  • 4: Launch the game and enjoy.
  • Sewn in cheats:
  • Immortality.
  • Eternal lives.
  • Eternal endurance.
  • Eternal stars.
  • Eternal super weapon.
  • Eternal Weapon Ammo.
  • Start the game with 9999999 money.
  • Eternal money in the store.
  • Weapons remain when leveling up.
  • Weapons don’t disappear on the ground.
  • Enemy corpses don’t disappear.

Streets Of Rage Remake (Cheat) [5.1] {KROCKI} Free Download

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