Sudden Strike: Tips & Tricks

If you play without codes, then each mission of the Confrontation is better to go through
the following plan:
1. Wait for all reinforcements.
2. Train soldiers by shooting them at houses or at their tanks, while
replenish their cartridges.
3. Train the tanks. Take a grenadier (PPSh) and throw one or two grenades at
tank (one medium tank, two heavy). Then the supply vehicles quickly
repair a blown up tank. Repeat this operation until the tank reaches 1000
experience. And remember well-trained tanks – the key to victory.
Then collect all the troops and attack the enemy.

You can also put snipers in jeeps (if you have them). Then you show
drive a jeep past the enemy positions. Snipers will kill all the soldiers with guns, in
buildings, etc. The main thing here is not to run into mines..

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