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Operation to save exclusives stuck on the failure of Wii U continues – now it is the turn Super mario zdob. Platformer was considered one of the best games on this console, but is it well preserved six years later and whether he is interested in a new audience?

Guest from the past

In principle, the answer is obvious. Last year a collection came out Super Mario 3D All-Stars, which once again proved that these games are growing very and very slowly. Even ancient Super Mario 64, even in it and there is roughness, it is played perfectly – what to say about the delightful SUPER MARIO GALAXY. The same applies to Super mario zdob, Beautiful, bright and exciting platform, in which the developers adhered to the same principle – to realize a huge number of ideas and impress a variety.

Two-dimensional and three-dimensional Super Mario Always surprise with what amazing ease the authors break up with ideas, often using them only at one short level. Platforms on rails that move in different directions? Let them be in one episode. Skating Humba Riding on Ice? Also enough of one moment. Always think: really really worth saying goodbye with such mechanics, really it will be even better? And the answer is always positive.

You can just jump on his head, but so fun.

Zdwld divided by worlds, each of which contains in itself with a dozen absolutely different levels. Somewhere run overlooking the side, somewhere you swim under water, somewhere moving the platform with the help of “Joykon”. The world map was covered with bonus entertainments, including funny puzzle levels with the participation of Tada, on the basis of which then did Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Here Tadia gets on a small card and must collect all the stars, without knowing how to jump and attack opponents.

Stars need to be sought at the usual levels, and there the game-design admire even more. Not every team is able to build locations so that their desire to explore the player awarded. IN Zdwld if it seems to you that there is something on that horms something or that you can climb there, then there really is something hidden. These are either bonus coins, whose tradition will give a new life, or printing for photorenets, stars to access subsequent levels or something else – for example, changing the gameplay costumes.Super Mario 3D World + Bowser & amp; # 39; s Fury game reviewOne Mario is good, and Mario Group is even better.
Transformations range from familiar and standard (like fiery robes) to strange and situational – that will turn into a yellow cube and begin to sink yourself with coins, you will become a walking cannon that shoots automatically. Sometimes the cherries come across – if they eat them, next to Mario his double will appear, and the player will simultaneously control both heroes. Find even more cherries – get even more clones. It is harder to survive such a group, especially on narrow platforms and at a meeting with opponents, but at the end of the level you definitely find an elevator or a button that requires four or five characters at once, – you have to be careful.

Home Transformation – Mario Cat. He wounds the opponents in the near battle, may fall on them from above, falling on the diagonal, and also climbs around the walls. With the last mechanics are associated with all kinds of interesting episodes, including with moving walls. Yet again, Nintendo trying to scatter such levels away from each other. If you do not die and do not get damage, you can save a suitable costume for several episodes, that’s just the benefits of it will not be so much. But moments with jumps will still become a little easier in the appearance of the cat, and the fiery suit will simplify the fights.Super Mario 3D World + Bowser & amp; # 39; s Fury game reviewThe world map looks like this – something average between 2D and 3D.
Zdwld admires the diversity, unresponsible levels of each other and a huge number of mechanic, but that in 2013, that now it can be supplied in the absence of significant innovation. Mario in a cat suit, of course, a wonderful idea, but it is not enough for the game brightly stand out against the background of other legendary parts of the series – both two-dimensional and three-dimensional. However, it is possible to call it a disadvantage that spoils the impression? Hardly. When passing alone about this, you practically do not think, and in the cooperative and suppressed. Now there is an online multiplayer here, also supporting the game in four, but it will require a paid subscription Nintendo Switch Online.

This is one of the few changes compared with the version for Wii U. In addition, the developers have accelerated all playable characters (Mario, Luigi, Peach and Taada), and also added a photoregram with filters and other settings. But it is time to talk about the main innovation, which will be interested even those who passed the original along and across.

Family problems

Reproving the platformer, which passed by the overwhelming majority of owners of Switch, could be limited to, but Nintendo Recruited otherwise. Bonus goes the mode BowSer’s Fury, which exists separately from the main game and starts from the main menu. In it, the Bowser went crazy, scolded to the sizes of Godzilla and broke calm on the island location. His son was forced to ask for help to Mario. He quickly agreed and went with a beser-junior on a trip, which turned out to be more than one could imagine.

Bower junior is useful when the hidden blocks and coins find.

BowSer’s Fury very different not only from the most Zdwld, But from the rest Super Mario. If usually levels are started from some hub or are selected on the map, here is a full-fledged open world without any boot screens. Apparently because of this in the portable mode, this part of the game is reproduced only at 30 frames / s, while Zdwld rarely falls below 60. But in stationary mode 60 frames / s can be seen there and there.

Most BowSer’s Fury Reminds SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE – probably because of the summer themes, black clad on the edges of the card and brushes, which a beser-junior draws on the walls. Map is divided into regions, and in each of them you can find collectible items with the strange name “Kotofei of the Sun” (in the original Cat Shines). In small areas, the Kotofee is only one, and in large areas (ackle mini-worlds) – 5.

Entertainment at every turn

Three of them are issued for performing tasks – for example, get to the top, collect all the blue coins on the way or bring the key from one end of the card to another. Every time the world changes – more dangerous opponents or obstacles appear. And if in other parts of the series it was necessary to reboot the level for its transformation, here it is enough to leave the territory and immediately go back – the inscription in the center of the screen will notice the appearance of new features.Super Mario 3D World + Bowser & amp; # 39; s Fury game reviewCats take mario for their.
The fourth Kotofey is given for the collection of fragments – five in each region. They are sometimes hidden very well, and then the camera is especially useful here, which, unlike the main campaign 3D World, Twist much more active. Sometimes you can not do without costumes – BowSer’s Fury In this regard, it turns out to be very generous: all the extra suits add up to the inventory and dig there when you select the appropriate items. At any time you can put the game for a pause, choose the desired costume, and the beser junior will help you change clothes per second.

Well, the fifth Kotofey is associated with the main feature of the regime – a huge Bower. From time to time the antagonist reminds itself – it rains first begins to go, and after a few seconds the world becomes gloomy, friendly creatures like cats turn into monsters, on the background of the electric guitar sounds, and the Bowzer will throw out the meteorites. The hero rages quite often, but it is impossible to say that what is happening greatly prevents, – you can not be distracted and further to do our own. The only thing that should be paid to is special “Freak Blocks”: only Bowser can destroy them, and usually accumulated items are hidden in them.Super Mario 3D World + Bowser & amp; # 39; s Fury game reviewMano Mario can only be envied.
At these moments BowSer’s Fury It looks very spectacular, especially when you squeeze on the dinosaur and swim from one island to another, and the lava platforms arise nearby and rain pours nonstop. The ultimate goal is to calm the rehometer, and for this you need to collect Kotofofeev and unlock the gigacolokol who will allow Mario … Well, you yourself can guess what happens when interacting with them.

You can pass the bonus regime for three hours, but it is very difficult to deny yourself the pleasure to clean everything in a row – there is enough entertainment already for six hours. Interesting ideas are a lot: both invisible platforms, and trips are in the very skate for skating on ice, and racing on the dinosaur, and fights with bosses on the arons – everything is not counting. Since, before the next entertainment, it is always hand to file, here rarely have moments when it’s nothing to do. Run from one riddle to another, from one collection subject to another and get great pleasure.Super Mario 3D World + Bowser & amp; # 39; s Fury game reviewCalm before storm.
The cooperative here is also there, but only local and only for two. The second user takes on the role of a junior Bowser – flies next to Mario, he sticks with opponents and collects coins. When playing alone, artificial intelligence is engaged in this – you can specify whether you want it to actively help, reminded itself only occasionally or did not interfere in your business at all.***
Reprint Super mario zdob in itself would get a high rating – let it and the old game, the years did not spoil her. Every world I want to thoroughly study, detect all secrets and collectible items. But buyers waiting for a surprise – a separate game, almost a new part Super Mario, which is significantly shorter than the predecessors, but in terms of the quality they do not infer. The adventures of Mario on the big map without bootable screens – an excellent bonus, sometimes even eclipant Zdwld. Another magnificent exclusive Wii U is saved and has become even better and more exciting.

Pros: Zdwld perfectly preserved and still admires the diversity of levels, many interesting ideas and a fascinating gameplay;Beautiful location design;The appearance of the online cooperative makes the game one of the best adventures for joint passage; BowSer’s Fury – a separate small game with a large open world and a bunch of entertainment;excellent visual style as in the updated Zdwld, so in the additional mode.

Minuses: lack of significant innovations in Zdwld Especially noticeable in reprint (partially compensated by the regime BowSer’s Fury).

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