SWTOR will be F2P next week

SWTOR will be F2P next week
BioWare announced that her is not very famous MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic will join the host of the frentolek next week. And there is an opinion that the day of joining will be November 15, that is, the following Thursday.

It will happen at the same time for users of all existing versions. At the same time, current subscribers will receive a bonus in special coins for an in-game store depending on the marked months plus 250 coins additionally.

The same of the past subscribers who will again be by them until December 20 will get just this very bonus without additional coins. In addition, if the subscribers begin to re-download the characters, the pumping rate for them will be higher than that of freebies. Although the latter will still be able to pass all the plot lines of the game.

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