Temple of Elemental Evil / A Classic Greyhawk Adventure, The: Council (Tips and tactics for the game)

Since mercenaries take part of the loot for themselves, and usually the most valuable thing – you can take this loot – just if he has more than one – take everything, leaving only one copy (arrows, rings, etc.) or nothing at all do not leave, clog at any merchant with goods so that he says no place, come to him to trade, but instead of your mercenaries selling the loot, they calmly give it to you and you can immediately sell it by placing items on free fields, which always enough.

When the tavern in the village offers to take part in a beer tournament, you shouldn’t refuse, you will win anyway, but when you win, all the participants will be passed out and you can rob them without any problems, and nothing will happen!

You should not take part in the beer tournament if you have a paladin in your team.

In the house with a moat, where the bandits are in the tower in which the spider was sitting, you can always safely rest and there is a nice chest.

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