The Author Of Five Nights At Freddy’S Is Preparing A New Part With Aaa-Budget And Rewrites The Film Script

Five Nights AT Freddy’s – At first, modest horror from a single developer who suddenly gained great popularity and turned into a whole franchise. The author of the game Scott Cooton Scott Cawthon (Scott Cawthon) reports to the community on the Steam forums and on the eve of revealed, what is doing at the moment.

Coton Plans a major transaction, thanks to which a new game should appear Five Nights AT Freddy’s, Only AAA-levels with a huge budget. Details reveal until early: the project is at the planning stage. Coton only assures that closely cooperates with the studio, which should be done by production.

Besides, FNAF continue to turn into a film. Coton says that one scenario has already written – he liked the producer Jason Blum (Jason Blum) and director Chris Columbus Chris Columbus). But in the end Coton decided to refuse him and touched a new.

The developer says he wants to create a suitable and exciting story, which will have to taste fans FNAF. And if for this you need to rewrite the script 10 times, then so be. Yes, the project delays is unpleasant, but Coton believes that moves in the right direction.

According to Catona, The film will occur in the universe of the first, second and third parts FNAF. Everything that happened after Five Nights AT Freddy’s 3, In the screening is not taken into account.

Now Coton Also working NAD FNAF For virtual reality (ready by 40%), for augmented reality (10%), ports for consoles and HD versions for iOS and Android (20%), as well as free game FNAF: INTO MADNESS (0%) and a new series of books (20%). Of course, Coton It does not work with each project yourself: for example, VR he entrusted the company Steel Wool, and ports for consoles – ClickTeam.

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