The Authors Of The Last Guardian Founded An Independent Studio

Distribution developers THE LAST GUARDIAN And simply deserved developers of the industry decided to unite in a new creative union, resulting in the opening of an independent Tokyo Studio Friend & Foe. The team decided not to pull the cat for the tail and, did not have time to lure to build in a new place, immediately began to create two projects at once – Vane And Dangerous Men.

Friend & Foe consists of only five employees, but let it be confused, because each of them is a true corief in their field, and in the general portfolio includes such hits as THE LAST GUARDIAN, Battlefield 3, Bionic Commando, Killzone. So, let me introduce the illustrator, accountant and the “local sage” in one person Ivara Dalberga (Ivar Dahlberg);artist and art director Rashmus Deguchu (Rasmus Deguch9);Chapter StudioThomas Lilja (Thomas Lilja). In no case should not forget about two people: Rui “Mad Psa” Gurrairo (RUI “Mad Dog” Guerreiro), which is responsible for the source code and art Vane, And Viktor Santakeviteria (Victor Santaquiteria) who oversees the development Dangerous Men.

Dangerous Men – This is an arcade action in the Spirit of Police Movies of the 80s, telling how Dan and Don detectives are trying to leave ass members of the Punk Gang grouping and save their city from the oppression of bad guys. “Dangerous men” are aimed at iOS and other platforms that will be named somehow later.

Vane – Adventor in the open world, the main trumps of which should be an atmosphere, all sorts of secrets and research spirit. The player assigns the role of a child with unusual abilities to which the study of unexplored lands and solving various puzzles. Absolutely right Vane will appear on the PC, and other platforms are still kept secret. How, however, the dates of the premiere of both projects.

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