The Combat System Haunted Chocolatier Will Be Deeper Than In Stardew Valley

Developer Stardew Valley Eric Baroni (Eric Bar1) published a new blog entry. In it, he described the combat system of the coming game – Concernedape’s Haunted Chocolatier. Baroni promised to continue to share information about developing via blog.

As already mentioned in the project announcement, Haunted Chocolatier will have a strengthened focus on battles.

… battles should be very funny, pleasant and involving. At the same time, they need to fit into the overall picture. Be sure I do not copy the battle system Stardew YuValleySCH. Just the opposite, almost everything in Haunted Chocolatier, including “boot”, spelled (and drawn) from scratch.

Demonstration of the game with a sword and shield.

The author also touched the following topics:

  • In the game there will be shields. It can be noticed in the attached video – there the character sticks with an opponent using a sword and shield. Reflect will be almost any attack, and in some cases the enemy will also be stunned.
  • Similar innovations will allow different ways to come to battles. Haunted Chocolatier encourages both patient and cautious gamer, and ready to climb.
  • In the left hand will give not only shield. Other items for different game styles will appear.

Baroni notes that while the project is in the process of development, much of the already shown may change. At the same time, as in the case of Stardew Valley, The developer is not going to disclose all the details, as it wants users to find them independently. According to Baroni, he will not calm down and will not release the game until he is pleased with the result. “If it does not work, I will not publish it. But do not worry, I’m 100% sure that everything will work out. “, – Writes developer.

W ConcernedapeHaunted Chocolatier There is no release date, but it is known that the game will appear on the PC and, possibly, on consoles.

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