The Creator Of Xcom Requests Money To A New Strategy With “Pseudo-Aliens”

A little over a year ago the creator of the original XCOM Julian Gulf (Julian Gollop) announced his new project called Phoenix Point, who turned out to be a step-by-step strategy with tactical battles and the “world of the basis”. Since then, studio Snapshot Games Preferred to pose until today I did not run on the site Fig campaign to collect funds for the production of games.

According to the developers, if everything goes smoothly (read: the campaign will score 500 thousand US dollars), Phoenix Point will be on sale at PC at the end of 2018.

As for the plot, the essence Phoenix Point Next: Almost all of humanity has died out due to a terrible alien pathogen, nicknamed Pandoravirus. Those who are lucky, died quickly;The rest mutated in the monstrous “pseudo-aliens”, which multiply by cloning. The remaining people are now desperately fighting for survival in isolated settlements, scattered around the world. Your task as a participant in the Phoenix Project – an international organization activated to combat the threat of a planetary scale, to find out what happened to other PHOENIX Project cells and help humanity.

Only here are the aliens not the only problem. Some of the largest and most powerful fractions of the survivors now stick to the “radically opposite ideology”, so it is not a fact that they will gladly do what they will be ordered. You will have to negotiate and bargain with factions, enter into unions or, if nothing else works, to punish them as an example (of course, not without consequences).

As says Gulf, hard work Phoenix Point, Studio draws inspiration as from the original XCOM, and from projects Firaxis, which developer clearly like.

First trailer and screenshots Phoenix Point attached.

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