The Director Of The Borderlands Film Was Elay Roth, And The Screenwriter Was The Author Of The Series “Chernobyl”

Shielding Borderlands Announced back in 2015, but the director for her found only now. Chapter Gearbox Randy Pitchford (Randy Pitchford) announced in his “Twitter” that the position of the director took Elai Rot (Eli Roth) – You can know it on the movies “Hostel” And “Mystery at home with a clock”.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the script wrote Craig Meisin (Craig Mazin; series “Chernobyl”, “Charlie’s Angels” 2019, second and third parts “Bachelor”). Creation of films are engaged in companies Lionsgate And Arad Productions. Executive producers – himself Pitchford Chairman Take-Two Interactive Strauss Orelnik Strauss Zelnick).

More official details Gearbox will reveal on February 27 at the PAX EAST 2020 exhibition.

I’m Very Excited to Welcome Eli Roth As Director of the Borderlands Movie in Development with Lionsgate and Arad Productions. Please Welcome @eliroTh to the Team and Be Suce to Catch the @gearboxofficial main theater show at #paxeast on 2/27 to learn more. #borderlandsmovie Pic.Twitter.COM / UaxS7JM10I

– Randy Pitchford (@Duvalmagic) February 20, 2020
In the meantime, the details are unofficial. If you believe the site Full Circle Cinema, the main character of the picture will be Lilit. It turns out to be concluded in the Space Prison of the Atlas Corporation, but the head of the company gives her a chance to go free if Lilith will save his daughter to Tyna’s crumb on the planet Pandora.

The task takes an unexpected turn when it becomes clear that the girl is the key to the storage of aliens, access to which the Atlas wants to get. Spectators will see other familiar characters, including merry, creeg and a group of repositories.

Recall that a few years ago the creators of the film intended to remove something like “”Mad Max” in space “with age rating” from 17 years old “.

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