The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind: Tips And Tactics

Gods Morrowind-A.

Hu from year? Year from Dessless Criccher. (Who is god. God Is Deathless Creature)
We will dance from this. What need to do? We enchant 2 elegant bolts and mantle on constant regeneration. On bane (ohm [from] years, in the sense) impose a non-permanent cure, healing from all ails and an evil eye (with a good soul estesno). On another one – what a thread Ball (Fire, Flash, Ice) removed, with a radius of 50 feet and very powerful – beat off from the crowd of fans. It is also useful to enchant on chameleon – steal, everyone will have to be done, and the dressers in the huts will need to be exhibited. God can not catch up and get it – we are engaged in daederic sneakers for recovery characteristics (you will run like a marathonist), and a large tray (sorry, shield) on levitation – permanent, naturally. Take a glass shield with you – this is if you want to run, suddenly get tired. Put on the cap and put underwater breath and cat eye – suddenly we climb into the dark outer? (It turned out a bathing cap with a built-in NightVision-Ohm) on the shorts I put Ice Ball – weak, so instead of the bow. Ice Ball goes well too well. I do not advise you to use the fire – almost all immunity;and lightning – efficiently but expensive. On Dai Kanana, we put a maximum of lightning – this is a “Super-Boss-Killer-Sword” – 3 strikes – the sieve – the day of charging (and if the radius of 50 feet is like a hydrogen bomb, the eye of the tornado, the heart of the volcano – riskremain al1).
Kiraça, pepper, the shoe better just ease. I do not advise you to increase strength if you will weaken, then you will have to undress donag – characteristics above 500 are not restored.

Things all take daederic. Hard? And how your mom goes to the store for products, you have helped her at least once? Where to get? Well, you are the gods – look for. Injinnyak can be replaced by an ebony, but everything was daederic.
And we still have a skirt, put your shirt that you want
The easiest way is swinging armor – wear and looking for female on your ass. We will find pieces 10 and rejoice if you have done it [… we enchant 2 elegant bolts and mantle for permanent regeneration …], you can go to drink tea, make a girl.
I advise you to join the thieves and magicians in the guild. The first will protect you from the cops, and the second you will then get a cool amulet.

And it is kids on a pivot.
Southeast from Dagon Flat – Senimov Tomb – “Finaster Ring”
On the island on the south-south-east, Dagon Flag is a cross-cutter Tunnel: Shalit-Tomb of the Dretan, you can find “Marara Ring”
Not far from the camp Urhilaku (it is necessary to go through the daederic sanctuary in the West) there is one cave – Ibar-Dad, so in the cave there is a steep shield symbol of Eleidon, a mask – a daederic face of inspiration, a daederic growth shield (on 225 shringe points).
But in the left tower of the ghostly gate there are 2 checks in different Dedric masks, you just need to pour them out, and when they attack you, then kill in self-defense order, well, and the loading is good.
Far to the south of Mologaga Mara is the tomb of Marvani, and in it at a depth of 30 meters a bomb shelter tucushapal (who gave them names?), there some kind of dude died, and lies with the dragon armor in the rotten boat, of course, but there all sorts of hard. And west from the tomb, the ship is also a trap type.
If anyone needs 5 great stones of the shower, and the boot on the tip, the path will go down to the southwest from Mel Mara on the shore there is a cave Yakanalit – a good way. And if you catch on the shores, then you will have a bunch of stones, and the boat – one more. There is still somewhere “Ring Murdrum” in the cave Maulisan. I found there, a total of about 13 great stones and not much straightening.
On the mountain, a little west to the west of the cave of the Cand, the rock riders stuck Linus Julus, he had a belt and amulet, can come in handy in the future (to push the launch on the patch).
Near Mel Mara in Schleup Asla, you can find the artifact blade “Razor Mehrune”.

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