The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind: Tips And Tactics

Here is the location of the labels of teleportators (propylonov):

Roteran – Roteran, general hut, kill Rolja Yenit
Indoornion – on the table of Divita Fira, in Tel
Chlorarerene – Caldera, sold at the merchant
Faleensarano – the sanctuary of Melkashishi, on top, near the skeleton
Falassmarion – Mahar Gan, Temple, Soccer
Talasero – Talasero, at the very bottom, in a long “drawer”
Marandus – Vivek, Circular. Olms, Plaza, Sanctuary, in the very depths between the boxes
Berandas – Gnisis, in the Tower of Baladas Demmenian, on the shelf
Andassret – Chloromaren, Dome, on the shelf
Valenarion – Shamannka in Ursylak camp

Here is the location of almost all items:
Ring Regeneration and Shimsil – Islet North Tel Branar

Vampire Ring and Bantic Bowl – Alded Edging

Beach, Savior’s skin and amulet daederic sanctuary – Tel Cog (in the chests)

Daederic crescent – when using the daederic sanctuary amulet

Denstagmer Ring – Generic Tomb .(Falazov?) Gnissis, from his fort south, behind the river, the output of the tomb to the river.

Azura servant – Tel Vos, behind the hidden door in the northeast tower.

Environment Ring – Task in the Fort Moon Butterfly (Near Balmork), Man on the Lower Floor.

Wind Ring and 2 Zenitar Gloves – Namma Cave, far west from Tel Arun (on the coast).

Ring Hajita – Altar Mephals, Arena, Channel Level, in Luke.

Marara Ring – Mallite or Reasonable Cave, 3 Islands northwest from the Achermuz tribe.

Nekromanta Amulet – Network Archmag

Staff Magnus – Assua, on Mount Cand.

Apostle Boots – Berandas

A monarch ice blade – Roteran Fortress

Ring of the Warlock – Ashibadon, Island east of Fell Ball

Mantle Acts of the Acts – Generic Tomb of the Transmission, south of Mologag Mar.

Vasnik Aralora – Sophue, killed man, top around the corner.

Rage (sword) – a client, killed by the hero, below the door.

Murdrum Ring – Masseramit, Island North-West Zintiraris.

Kirase Dragon Bones – Grotto Mudan, Flooded Cave, South-West from Ebugard.

Bow of Shadows – Generic Tomb Venim, North from the Tribe Tribe.

The sword of Umbra – at the orc, west from Suran, on Mount.

Daederic Long Bow – the Sanctuary of Melkashishi, between Gnissis and Alde Brace, east.

Eleidon symbol – Ibar-Dad’s cave west from urhilac camp (hanging at the top on the wall).

Magnifier’s mail – Ebugard, behind the hidden door of the sanctuary at Danmer (it is better to fulfill it in the process of raising in the Imperial Legion)

Scrush the skulls – in daederic ruins, the entrance through the tomb of Oharens to the southeast of the souther

Mantle pride fight – Tel Arun, Seniz Tindo

Spear bitter grace – holy. Shigorat, Vivec, Circular. Delini, Channels, Ikhinipalit

Amulet Ignisa – Sadrig Mora, Brallione (slave trader)

Assistant, the predominant of Arion – gives Arion, when playing Telavny

Helmet Orein Bear Claw – Holy. Malacata, Assurdiraphal, at the end of the island of Gda Ald Ednia

Ring of justice and amulet of unity – instructions subordinate, when playing Telavny


Razor Mehrune – Holy. Mehrune Dagona, Yassamidan, island at the end of the peninsula west from Ald Cold

Chrysamer – Abanabi, Draham Chloran, southwest from Sadrot Mora

Mask Keylock Vial – Tower of Sorsqueda Crow, near Dagon Fel

Drinking souls – give when raising Mghag Balmory in the guild

Golden Sword – holy. Boeots, North-West from Hlah Owa, almost opposite Shala, under water

Dagger black hands – give in the process of raising in the Morag Tong

Ring of the Mesalf – Attachment in Butungtumu, southwest from Urbian camp

Icicle – estate Indaris, Trem Milar

Justice Vote – Delivered after the task “Galom Deus” of the temple, in Mologag Mar

Tessel St. Felms – Turainulal

Shoes St. Rilms – Ald Hofty, northeast from Vivek, in the chest

Staff of the wisdom of ancestors – give after the task of the temple in Vivec (Edrin Lottan)

Ebonite ring – you get when performing the last task of the temple

The flesh, which has become the whole – Sadd Mora, Tel Nagi Tower, Berengeval

Widowed – Ivery Lloweri, East from the camp of the Zaistab, by the fire

The death of the magicians is the funeral caves Urbilak, on a cone-shaped rock, around which the ladder stretches upstairs, for mummy

Black evil – sadness Mora, Guild Morag Tong, Alven Salas

Ring Finaster – Rod. coffin. Senim, southeast from Dagon Fel

Staff Hasedoki – Rod. coffin. Gymotran, south of Faleensarano and west from Janxirramus

Tanto Chief Anaren – Ald’run, Mages Guild, in the chest at the seller of potions

Ring Azura – gives Azura, after killing Dagot Hur

Ring Shasheva – Aldruun, Tavern Alde Scar, Shasheva

VOLESTRANG – TEL FIR, in the chest near Yagruum

Rainhery Helmet – Rod. coffin. Mararenov, (near Eraboimsunov) Crazy Bat

Fists rangadulf – Ilunibi, near Gnaar Mok, behind the drawer

Staff of the Fathermen – Bumpund (near the Jermonypal)

Teacher Ring – Rod. coffin. Samarisov, on the coast between Seian Ning and Hla Oud

Shadow Shield – Only Vampires, Task Mustius of Rod. coffin. Salwelov (for the ghostly limit

Sword Agustas and Amulet Augustus – Rod. coffin. Arenim, North-West from Holamian

Friend of Karpal – Vivek, Televny, Tower, Arch

Staff of Marion – Vivek, Televanni, Tower, Arch

Black Sword of Saint – Vivek, Televanni, Tower, Arch

Greediness – Vivek, Televny, Tower, Arch

Impellent amulet – Ghostly gates, outside the door with a level of level 100.

Eneymore – Task Jim Stacy

Cursed Ring Nutzua – Seid Ning, Task .(man on the street)

Stability and amulet warnings – gives Baladas deminization (his task for Televann9)

Ilkurok – Ncrhurdami

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