The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind: Tips And Tactics

For newbies.


For me, the best weapon in Morrowind Dwarf Cross. It is easy to get arriving in Tel Bernor (from Viveca on the ship) and showing a bunch of opposition-minded citizens not far from the port led by aunt in the blue mantle. Local authorities will not object, on the contrary, one of the freely walking around the bulk of the main comrades will be awarded for this massacre 1000 drains. The conspirators themselves are weak, if you succeed, you can even make a hero of level 1. One of them will have a gnome crossbow.

The blow of this crossbow 30-30, which is better than 2-50 uwarded and 2-40 artifact bows. Lack of scattering is reliability and confidence. In addition, shooting from the crossbow in the game is more pleasant, his animation does not light up the goal.

Of course this is two times less than that of the coolest artifacts, sequirs and Molotov. But rifle weapons have a lot of tactical advantages. Being on a distance from shooting magic, you can easily dodge – she is slowly flying, and those who run to the arrow to fight hand-to-hand, as a rule, do not even have time to reach. For example, the standard battle scenario with the golden holy (one of the coolest monsters): runs – shot – shuddered, runs again – shot – fell on his knees, got up – shot – shuddered, … ,runs – shots fell and did not get up.

If the enemy is more abruptly, it can be flushed to fly over it, or jumping into the neighboring building, or putting a barrier like a bustle, rope railil, table, and t.D. Pulmonary secrecy skill for hand-to-handing weapons is just the first critical blow. The shooter can simply hide in the middle of the battle and standing in the center of the hall calmly looking at the target with clean clear eyes to her pickles, and the target at this time will be in a panic. 🙂


The easiest and most useful way in all respects way to become secured is alchemy. Arriving in the balloon and receiving money from Cassades, to go to the guild of magicians, buy a stupid’s mortar and move to the Magic Magic Guild. Floor Below in the sanctuary of the imperial cult will be the seller of ingredients in the brown monastic tunic. It has an endless salty rice and marsh cane on sale. Both cheap and lungs. When mixing, the potion turns out an increase in health. Technology pumping – buy ingredients from the monk, make potions from them, sell it these potions, repeat. The more chemistry the more rises the skill of alchemy, the less ingredients go marriage and the better, more good than potion. Very soon, if almost not immediately the process goes to self-sufficiency, and then it begins to bring huge income.

For infinite products there is a way to avoid multiple purchases every time a little, raising the amount of the goods taken from the seller to a more acceptable level. For example, if you want to increase the volume from 10 to 20 for the purchase, then you just need to sell 10 such products to this seller, and from now on the seller their quantity will be restored until 20. If then sell another 30, then this amount will grow to 50 and t.D.

In this way, I bought, I cheated, I sold – all the pumping of alchemy to 100 takes about half an hour of real-time, while there is a bunch of unreasonable potions on many thousands of drains, which can then be sold to everyone who only wants to buy them. For example, immediately after the full swing of alchemy, or a little earlier when a tangible oversupply of unsold potions appear (the monk will be simply not able to buy them), you can go back through the guild of magicians in the balloon, go to the white harbor to Nalkiriya and buy a mortar of the Grandmaster. Then the quality and cost of the produced potions will grow 3 times.

In the magician Guild Sadriet Mora, the seller of ingredients has endless rider feathers and the root of trams, which, when mixed, give the levitation potion. Ingredients themselves are quite expensive, but in recalculation at the cost of the potions are exchanged for them. So we buy them as much as you need. 5 dozen to start thinking will be enough :). They weigh a little, on 0.1 each, t.E. all together 2 times less than some kind of imperial steel mustache. And more benefit.

The power of the levitation potion determines the speed of the flight, which is always small, and if drinking 2 potions in a row no longer becomes more, because the second levitation potion begins to act only after the expiration of the first. This lack of potions can be easily avoided. For this you need to add to the potion the second effect so that their exposure time does not coincide, for example, the effect of health recovery. To the Peru Rider and the Right of Thrama is added. The resulting potion not only gives levitation but also treats, while weighs it just as little and stands still trivia. But the main thing is to drink a few such potions in a row the strength of the actions of the Levishing of the potions is sulled, and the flight becomes comfortable.

Another way to improve the quality of potions is the potion increase in intelligence. In the same sanctuary of the imperial cult that under the guild of magicians in Sarrit Mora, there is a second minister, but in the Red Tunic. He has a ash swell and pustious. The resulting potion increases the intelligence of our hero. The effect of these potions is always evident. Drinking 20 such drinks in a row, the hero will temporarily cleales much, and at this time the quality of the drinks produced by them is also greatly improved. So you can get a levitation potion in 100 more than. But this can not stop, but to make even more powerful potions of increasing the intellect and apply them. And then even more powerful. And T.D. If you get carried away to the Intel up to several hundred thousand, then the power of the potions of those prepared as a smart smart hero will be measured by many thousand items, and their duration by many days. Terrible thing, this alchemy :). Cool, but I do not advise drinking this, the engine will not be sausage.

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