The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind: Tips And Tactics

In response to the “Gods of Morrowinda”
Do not worry, Blade Daedron. growth. shield (remove from evil. sacraments) and skirt on chameleon (1-89), Daedron. bots on cat eye (1-52), one ring on slowed down. Pad., Dr. On an increase in the jump, we put water breathing on the mantle, on the shirt and pants – telecinez (neutralize traps and tweak useful things) on the amulet – health restoration. All effects are permanent (evil souls. holy). The remaining things are the bulge at your discretion (what is fantasy enough). From the weapon is best to take Daedron. give Kanana and have a frowning lightning.
Who does not know, the main database of the vampire clan aya nah. Not far from Dagon Flag (Island in the South-West), and Vampirich Marara lives on an island south-west of Ald Daedrot to Rod. Tribhnice of Dretan.

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